Hi! This is not exactly something I would normally do, but I have actually been assigned this. I'm in a writing methods class now and she wants us using multimedia to write, every other day, for twenty or so minutes. So....Why not make the most of it? :)

Updates going on with Me and since Joel is sitting with me now, him too!
  • We just got back from Vegas. We went with a group of girls and happened to meet up with my cousin Anthony. It was 110 degrees there, which was too hot for me, but Joel loved it. We stayed at the MGM which was really fun, and slept during the days and were out at nights til 5am. By Sunday, we were ready to come home.
  • Joel's throat hurts
  • I'm moving out of my apartment in less then 10 days. Need to start packing
  • The blog site won't let me change my background - really annoying
  • We're currently doing laundry, and ate taco's for dinner
  • Joel is a "badass"....mhmm
  • Katie just came into my room
  • Okay, this will be it for my first blogging experience. Maybe I'll post some pics of Vegas soon when I figure all of this stuff out

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