I lost -1.6 pounds this week

This brings my grand total to 4.6lbs

I can't believe I had such a good week this week. My weekend was basically a food fest. However, I have made some significant changes that I think my body is reacting to very nicely.

  • My peanut butter english muffin breakfast ---> Now is oatmeal
  • My 180 calorie granola bar snack --> Now is carrots or almonds
  • My sandwich, 2 calorie packs, and dessert lunch ----> Now is fruit, jello, lean pocket
  • My go-to snack of anything I can get my hands on ----> Now is pretzels
  • Plus, I have stopped all drinking during the weekdays
Areas I need improvement on are:
  • Weekends
  • Restaurant orders
  • Dinners

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  1. That's awesome! I may have to steal some of your tricks, especially breakfast.