Fall Forecast

After a week of +100 tempature days I have been dreaming about the crisp, cool air of fall. I'm ready to keep my windows open, watch the leaves change colors, and start wearing all of my fall clothes.

I like to follow the trends, but subtly. No point in investing on leopard print "everythings", if come spring, the trend is out. So, I tend to pick up on the trends in accessories.

Trends I will splurge on, our trends that are classic (which is a paradox because how can you have a trendy classic? But, whatever).

We will see a lot of leather in the fall - that's an area I'll put my money into. Camel coats - again, I'll splurge for that. Neutral colors, I've been dying over, but, a leather sleeveless moto jacket - uhh...no. ***However, I did see a really cute one at target for 20 dollars, however I'm no where cool enough to wear it.

This is how I will be rocking the trends for the fall

Also, I'm not going to lie....but I'm also really ready for some Christmas music.

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