I started the hunt for work clothes today (I'll post all my loot next week). I really don't have the necessary items for a corporate job.

I need shoes, clothes, accessories, and most importantly, a work bag.

I headed to Nordstrom's this morning to swipe this beauty up...

...but it didn't do it for me.

Longchamp is huge in Chicago right now and I thought I would join in on the trend. There isn't much going on with the bag, and for $150.00 I felt like I could do better.

Now, I have to find something for under $150 that's actually is better. Easier said then done.

On my way back from Nordy's I popped into Marshall's. Thought about grabbing this for $80 but ultimately decided against it. It's a good shape and size but its too logo-y so I left empty handed.

I've straight up spent 2 hours on ebay and haven't found anything.

Good thing I don't start work for another week, because, I mean, you cannot start work without a new work bag.

The search continues on...

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