ten random thoughts

Saw this today at Kentucky Mama and decided to give it a try

1. The top of my left foot hurts every time I put pressure on it. I think it's from wearing heels and dancing like a crazy person on Saturday night, but I actually have no idea. I have my 10k in 3 weeks, and really need to be training for it. However, I don't want to run 4.5 miles today, so I may milk this injury for all its worth.

2. It's 10:10am on Monday morning and I'm still in bed. This is the last Monday before I start my Big Girl Job and I'm guessing (if the job goes well, that is) that I won't have the chance to do this again for a very long time.

3. Speaking of my Big Girl Job, I have no clothes for it.

4. I am SO ready for fall. I want to light pumpkin spice candles, cook chili, watch college football, turn off the air conditioning and open the windows, and decorate the house. I'll even take September, which in Chicago could be as hot as July, or it could snow.

5. We literally have no food in the house and I will be having dinosaur egg oatmeal for breakfast - most likely in bed. Don't fret, I'm making a trip today

6. I get to see my best friend Claire this week before she leaves me for a year in Italy. She has started a blog that she promises to keep up and you should check it out here

7. I check my mail box fourteen times a day because I'm anxiously awaiting my new Tory Burch Reva's

8. I really want to get fake nails put on but I have to type a lot at my new job and they destroy your nails, so I'm forcing myself to wait it out

9. I got new Marc Jacobs rain boots (I'll post the picture this week) for SO cheap I could cry

10. This list of ten random things was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

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