All Grown Up

Big girl work starts tomorrow! I'm absolutely ready to tackle this new challenge and couldn't be more excited, but of course, I'm super nervous.

In preparation of work I needed to update my closet. I found out that my office doesn't have a dress code. My "office" is no small office. Located on Michigan Ave in downtown Chicago, I would imagine it's home (well, work) to probably upwards of 5,000 people. I have a friend that works there and says you see a true mix of styles. Some people dress casual, some will wear suits. My goal is to fit right in the middle. I am only going to allow myself to wear jeans on Friday because I feel a little more professional when I take the time to put business clothes on.

Here are some of the new goodies I've found:

Top, Skirt, Belt - J.Crew

Top and Skirt- J.crew
Shoes- Gap

Dress- Eci (at Nordstroms)

*this did not photograph well but its really cute

Dress and sweater - Forever 21

Top: Nordstroms BP
Skirt: Micheal Kors

New work bag- Cynthia Rowley

This is my "First Day of Work" Outfit!

Top and Pants - Gap
Shoes - Juicy Couture

I also treated myself to my first 'No Chip Manicure'. Sara and I went to CiCi's on Lincoln Ave and splurged a little on our nails. The french comes in at a stiff $55.00 but regular color is $45.00. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, and if it lasts for 3-4 weeks, I will be really happy with it!

Wish me luck!

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  1. Love the first and fifth outfits the most, but all are super cute - and LUST that bag!