Lady Gaga

I'm minutes away from going to see Lady Gaga at Lollapalooza. Lolla is a huge music fest in downtown Chicago and Ms. Gaga is opening up the weekend long concerts. I'm not a huge fan of hers but I think the experience will be bananas.

I went on the hunt for a black jumper today to wear for tonight (I've actually been looking for a good one for months and have had zero luck), but, again, no success. I did however find this cute dress for a bridal shower I have tomorrow. It was a great deal from 90 bucks down to 30. Gotta love Ann Taylor sales!

When I came home, I got creative. I decided to make my own jumper, so I combined black J.Crew shorts and a black halter from White House Black Market, with an old J.Crew belt, and believe it or not....made a jumper! I'm happy with it and it will be perfect for the concert!

Have a great weekend!

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