I'm lacking a little blog-spiration so I'm setting up some weekly traditions around here.

Monday - Menu/Food/Wine/Restaurants
Tuesday - Top picks for the week
Wednesday - Weekly wisdom

We're gonna start with that.

Tuesday's: Tess' favorites this week

1. Fall Candles
I have the same type of candle as below, but my flavor is "coffee". It's really subtle and cozy smelling.

2. Fresh Flowers
I hadn't realized how much I really like having fresh flowers in the house.

3. Fall decorations
Yes, I have already started! Joel is not happy. I really want to start to bring out the Halloween decorations but Joel literally forbid me, so we cut a deal and I will bring out the Halloween decorations on October 1st. Until then, however, I am allowed to deck things out in fall decorations, so, the craziness has begun.

I bought this wreath for $2.50 at Micheal's. The white, fuzzy buds were $1.29 and came in bundles, I ended up just sliding them into the wreath to add a little color. This wreath will be so easy to change up depending on the season and holiday. It's hanging on our front door now, and I'm happy with the results.

4. Tostito's with a hint of lime
I run home from work just to get my hands on these babies.

5. Quints by Suprise
Such a cute new show. I am NOT a fan of Kate Gosselin, so I'm loving this fresh new show on normal, nice people and their sweet little babies.
It's on TLC, I believe on Monday's.

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