September is one of my most favorite months of the year. With September, I think you get to hit the refresh button on your life. More so, even than New Years, I feel like September is the true "beginning of the year".

What I'm loving about the next 30 days

1. Office supplies
I have a legit addiction to all things office supplies and I love having an endless supply of post-its waiting for me every morning

2. Football
I have a crush on college football. I like that it makes people crazy and brings strangers together because they share the bond of the same college team. **I like to honk and wave at cars that have hawkeye stickers, much to my passengers dismay.

This weekend, we are buying tickets to a bar ($25 dollars, all you can eat/drink) with some friends/fellow hawks and I'm SO excited.

3. Lung Run 10k
I'm not going to lie here. Mainly, I'm excited to get this done with. My 10k is next Sunday and I'm ready to rip my training schedule off my wall and send it on its way.

4. Boots
I can't wait to put away my flip flops and bring out the boots. I have a great pair of brown riding boots, but this season I will also be investing in a black pair. These are by Juicy Couture and I'm loving on them right now

5. Knits
Riding Boots + Leggings + Long Knit = Nuff said


Can I please just say that these two ladies look SO flawless its almost not fair?
Talk about knocking it out of the park....far

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