A week in review

2nd week of work is behind me! Overall it was good week, I was very successful but did make a pretty major error on Friday. The good thing is, mistakes are expected your first week, bad thing is, mistakes give me anxiety, so hopefully it's a one and done kinda thing.

While I was busy makin' deals at work, I also had time to slip in an evening cubs game with Katie and Dan. The cubs are having a miserable season, but Wrigley Field is too cool to pass up, so the 4 of us, caught up, had a few beers, and enjoyed the scenery.

Yesterday was my big 10k! The weather did not coporate and poured down on us the entire time. I ran with my cousin Amanda and I was so happy to have her by my side the whole time. We hadn't ran together before the big race so I wasn't sure how we would run together, but we had a very similar pace and ended up finishing the 6.2 miles in 70 minutes. We never stopped and had an overall great run.

Wouldn't this be nice?

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