brain dump

  • Holy tiredness. I'm like absolutely exhausted right now. 6:30am workout + work all day + slaving over some healthy lasagna = pooped me.
  • Side note, I've been so tired lately. I have a ton of energy throughout the day, but come 9pm I'm out for the count. Put a little alcohol me, and make it 8pm. I feel bad because I pretty much peace out on Joel, but I just can't keep my eyes open anymore. Is this a side effect of being an adult?
  • I have my first adult physical on Saturday and I'm pretty excited and nervous. I like to think that I take pretty good care of myself, I just hope that all of my tests reveal that fact. 
  • I need to set up a lot of doctors appointments this summer, highest priority being the dermatologist. It's just hard to find time to see doctors during the week, but I need to get this task accomplished. Especially since May is Skin Awareness Month. Grab your SPF 50 ladies! Pale is totally the new tan.
  • I'm making my first lasagna tonight. I followed this recipe for a lighter version of the delicacy and can't wait to see how it turns out.
  • How do you feel about the new bachelorette? I really disliked Ashley on Brad's season, found her dramatic and annoying, but I'm sure I'll get sucked in somehow.
  • What I am excited for though, RHONJ - I'm sure hilarity will ensue.
  • I can't believe how quickly my weeks and weekends fill up. This weekend is already stocked full of events: Cooking class on Friday night, doctor's appointment, Nell's graduation, Nell's graduation dinner, church, brunch, bbq, laundry, and shopping!
  • I snuck in an early morning workout today and absolutely loved it. I felt the energy all day through.
  • I have bunny tracks ice cream in the freezer and have thought about it literally all day. I don't think my doctor would like that.

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  1. I recently started working out in the am versus after work and it is changing my life! The feeling of being done with your work out even before the day even starts is amazing!