Happy Wednesday! We're half way there people!

1. I am loving that we are on our way to a long weekend. I've been waking up in the morning, debating going into work, and then remembering that next Monday, I don't have to! I feel like this weekend is the official kick-off to summer!

2. I am loving that my sister Nellie is going to be a High School graduate this weekend!

3. And....I love the present I got her. I don't think she reads my blog, so I can tell you what I'm doing. I got her this fabulous tote bag and had her monogram done in Kentucky Blue, where she'll be at next year. I plan to fill it with some of college necessities (like a bottle of vodka)...Kidding!
4. Can I love another Benefit product? Because if I can, I'm loving their "Speed Brow".
Sephora says, "It's fr gals on the go - this brush-on gel is the short cut to perfect looking brows."

5. I am loving this recipe blog. Visit it, you will love it too.

6. I am loving that I joined the work softball team. I may say later that I hate it, but, for now, I'm pumped. It's a co-ed team of about 20 people from work, and everyone's getting all jazzed up and the energy is totally rubbing off on me. *Side note: They're not going to be "all jazzed up" when they see me play...but oh well! Our first game is June 1st, so wish us luck!
7. I would also love if I could look like these ladies when I'm playing!


  1. You are loving some great things today! Hope that your Wednesday was fabulous!

  2. Love that tote!!! What a great gift!

  3. I LOVE Gina's Skinny Taste, I have found so many good recipes from her.

    And I just love your blog - so cute!

    Happy Wednesday! :)