1. My birthday
Sunday, May 8th is the big 2 -3 

2. Being thankful
For the last two weeks, Joel and I email each other 5 to 6 things we are thankful for. They are pretty simple things ("I am thankful that I got a good night sleep") but they help keep us aware of all the blessings in our life. 

3. Gym 
I joined the gym at work for $35 bucks a month. It's really cheap, and really convenient. I've been going down to the gym at my lunch hour and sneaking in at least a 2 mile run. It allows me to enjoy my work day more because I'm in a better mood, and it keeps my energy levels really high. 

4. Thank you notes
Now that I'm a "big time boss", I have really begun to appreciate the power of a thank you note. After interviewing, it's social etiquette to send a thank you note to the person you interviewed with. I'll even take an e-mail, but it's a very nice touch.

5. The Mister and Mrs.
'nuff said

Have a good Wednesday!


  1. Wait, wait, is that YOUR gym in the photo? Who the heck is lucky enough to run on a treadmill with a view?? Not me that's for sure! Too jealous for words.

  2. Love the thankful emails...I am so going to start this up with hubs {great idea!}

    xx Cat brideblu