Something Borrowed

 Yet again I've fallen in love with a Kate Hudson's movie fashion style.

In Something Borrowed, Kate is pulled together, and effortlessly chic. Each outfit is perfectly accessorized and it the epitome of summer style.

Have you seen the movie?

Gun to your head.....John Krasinski or the sexxxy man that plays Dex?

Ahhhhhh.....I don't know!

They are both too perfect for words. 

They make the $12 dollar movie ticket WELL worth it!


  1. Did you see the movie? I did, and I really liked it. She looked absolutely adorable throughout the entire film!

  2. She looks effortless...love her style. Going this weekend to see the movie..cant wait!!!

  3. John Krasinski, without a doubt.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE Something Borrowed! I've seen it 3 times! I love Kate Hudson but I'm a big Ginnifer Goodwin fan! And DEX! LOVE HIM! And John Krasinki is awesome too! :)

  5. John Krasinski!!! Haha not even close. LOVED this movie so much.