A Weighty Issue

I hate to sound like a broken record - and I'm about to.

Back Story:
I connnnstantly obsess work on my food intake, exercise output, and the number on the scale. I've been the same weight, plus or minus a few lbs, for the last 6 or 7 years and to be honest, for the past 6 or 7 years I've wanted to be about 15 pounds thinner. 
On Thanksgiving morning, I ran a 10k, and decided I'd stop running for the winter season. Pair my lack of running, with holiday eating, I gained about 7 pounds. After Christmas, I realized that I needed to get busy again, so I enlisted a trainer.

Flash forward 4 months later and I didn't lose a pound. 

And here we are today:
I still have those sticky 7lbs from the winter, and it's about time to get rid of them, and hopefully they'll take a few more of their friends with them. 
My current "program" is not eating carbs for breakfast or lunch. I've been doing it for one week , and I'm already down -2.5lbs.
My loose plan is so far pretty easy, and I'm finding that the key is preparation and having lots of fresh food in the house.

Breakfast is looking like yogurt and a fruit smoothie with a scoop of peanut butter.
Lunch is turkey, a cheese stick, carrots, an apple, nuts, and a banana.
PM snack is normally a Chai tea latte.
 I'm trying to get 5 cardio workouts in a week and that's about the best I can do. I'm still indulging in a drink(s) at night, and do allow myself a small scoop of ice cream after dinner too. 

I have a physical scheduled for next Saturday which will hopefully give me some intense, short term motivation.

I'm hoping my results will last as long term motivation.

Here goes nothin'!


  1. Sounds like you have a plan!! Good luck:)

  2. Im in the exact same boat. 15-20 and I'd be so happy. It's hard but I bet you can do it, sounds like you have a good plan. Problem for me is I hate working out. Good luck though, I am sure you can achieve those results!

  3. I feel your pain! I stopped working out about a month ago and have put on 3 lbs since. Kind of annoyed with myself. This weekend I am getting my butt back to the gym. Hopefully this will motivate me:) Good luck!

  4. Good luck! I love Dannon Light & Fit yogurt!! (I actually get the Harris Teeter generic)

  5. let us know how it goes!! I have been the SAME EXACT weight for like 8 years and randomly gained six pounds last month. It's so disheartening. I'm working on designing a routine to begin in June and may need to use some of your ideas :)