Dinner Time with Tess

Welcome to my newest feature! Joel and I are going to some of the best restaurants the Chicago has to offer and it's about time I start documenting them.

2956 N. Sheffield
Chicago, IL
seafood spot, decidedly simple: a cozy little “joint” with a friendly vibe, and inventive-yet-casual cuisine from the sea.  

Joel and I hit this place up on a Sunday night. Fish bar is casual and "hip" and is ideal for a Sunday or Thursday night.
The setting:

 First round of drinks:
Mine - #6 Pineapple and Joel's #5 Gin/Grapefruit 
Drinks in Mason Jars? Yes, please!

Appetizers: We both started with soup. I ordered the Lobster Bisque (which is made sans cream) and Joel ordered the gumbo (not pictured). I don't normally like gumbo, but Joel's was incredible. The bisque was just fine (I perfer mine with cream, obvio) so next time I'll go with the gumbo.

A nice feature at Fish Bar is if you haven't tried Clams or Oysters, they will give you one on the house. Both Joel and I have had Oysters before, and both are fans, but we decided to fib a little in order to try one.

They were amazing - and ya gotta love free food!

Next up was my favorite item of the night. Rock Shrimp [Dry] - you can order it 'wet' which meant the shrimp was tossed with the sauce, instead of the sauce coming out as a dip.
. The shrimp were lightly fried and came with a dipping sauce that was similar to a spicy mayo with cilantro topped with tobiko.

To Die For

We decided to go with beer for our next round of drinks. I went with a locally brewed (Goose Island Brewery) Matilda, while Joel went with Hades. 

I went with a seafood cobb salad. The salad had salmon, calamari, and lobster and was tossed with a lemon vingerette. It was a light, healthy choice and really filled me up. ($15.00) 

Joel went with the Lobster Roll. Which he said, "tasted like the ocean". *which apparently is a very good thing.
Good cuts of lobster on a toasted bun, tossed with a well seasoned mayo sauce
$18.00 mkt

Overall, both Joel and I had amazing meals. The food was stellar and the restaurant was nothing like Chicago has to offer. We will be back, no doubt.

Before you go, you need to be aware of a few things:
1. They do not accept reservations
2. You will likely wait if you go at peak hours
3. They only accept parties from 1 to 4 people
4. It is all bar seating so you end up sitting next to your guest.
5. The stools are pretty uncomfortable

Our dinner cost a total of $81.00 (without tip) and was one of the more unique dining experiences we've had in the city - there really isn't anything like this place in the city.

Overall rating: A-
(I rated with a minus, only because of the uncomfortable seating, otherwise totally an A/A+)


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I so far have heard nothing but great things. The atmosphere looks cool (minus the uncomfortable seats), and I love the idea of the Mason jar drinks. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. I literally just learned of this place yesterday and am dying to go there! Especially after this post. I love a food fish meal, excellent post. And mason jars? One of my favorite ideas! xx, Katie

  3. This place sounds great! I have a small proposition for you, how would you feel about a little foodie war? While it is common knowledge that Chicago is notorious for its restaurant delicacies, Portland just so happens to have the largest number of restaurants per capita making it a HUGE foodie town. Maybe we should go on quest to find our cities best kept culinary secret...let me know what you think (we can discuss details later)!

  4. I think I'm going to love this new feature! Too bad I don't live in Chicago because it would be fun to be able to go to some of the restaurants...

    This place looks awesome though!