A Shields Wedding......just not mine!

This weekend we spent the entire weekend with family down in San Diego to celebrate Joel's brother tying the knot.

Thankfully Andrew (Joel's brother) chose the most perfect girl in the entire world to make his wife. She is fun, bubbly, thoughtful, and will make an amazing sister in law. She is coming into a really great family.

I didn't do much at the rehearsal, so someone took pity on me and decided to give me the job of photographer. We they laughed since I was easily distracted by the wine and babies...and in turn didn't capture too many "winners".

After the rehearsal, The Shields family hosted a dinner at a winery about thirty minutes outside the city.

The winery had set up wine tastings for the guests at the back bar and dinner was Italian style pizza and pasta. If I had been dropped here randomly (like via a capsule of some sort) , I would have put my savings account on the fact that we were enjoying dinner somewhere fancy in Italy.

Plus, the spectacular views turned out to be the perfect backdrop for family pictures.
The Shields crew

Their wedding was equally as beautiful and 100% them. They were married in a Spanish courtyard in the same town that Corie grew up in.

Chips and guac were served at happy hour, and the margarita's and Mexican beer added to the feel these two love birds were going for.

And I loved the succulents as centerpieces. 

The entire wedding was so well done and everyone had an absolute blast.

Joel and I have very big, and very beautiful shoes to fill.


  1. What a gorgeous setting!! Absolutely love that they had margaritas.... my kinda reception.

  2. absolutely gorgeous!!! that looked like a great wedding

  3. That wedding looks amazing, and LOVE your looks...esp for the rehearsal dinner!

  4. That winery is beautiful! And who can blame you for being distracted by wine and babies, it could happen to anyone really.