Wild & Crazy

You know what sucks? Delayed hangovers.

Do you ever get them? They seem to be plaguing me as of late (am I getting old?). On Friday night, my book club came over (all 3 other members of them. And no I'm not bitter that the 3 other girls couldn't make it) and we ended up having so much fun that I didn't take one hot picture.

Friday night:
Let's just say that the booze that I had on hand (which was a lot) was not enough for the four of us drunks, and so our night included a late night ride to our neighborhood market for wine and cigs (these girls are badass - I, however, would not know what the hell to do with one of those sticks), a show down of who can do the best back bend, and lots and lots of girl talk.....which of course did not include anything about the "book".

But, okay - back to the delayed hangover.

Saturday morning:
Since this whole "diet" thing, has not been working for me (because I lack self control), I figured that I better up my workouts. Cross your fingers that it might help a little bit - so I got my drunk ass outta bed and into a 60 minute barre class. Which I quickly followed with a large cup of coffee.

At which point, I felt great.

No hangover. I knew the "secrets". Workout and coffee and you should be good to go....right?!

No. Not when your body decides to get hungover at 2pm that day, after you eat fish tacos at Pink Taco. Which, apparently, does not help a hangover.

So Saturday night, I ate a bagel, with some advil and a lot of pretzels....and I sat for almost three hours and read EVERY post by this hilarious darling named Bailey. Ohhh, and our central air had a temper tantrum and so I sat there reading....and sweating.

Why didn't anyone tell me about her awesome blog (Hannah!) before??

Damn is her life cool.


Have you gotten this far? More power to ya. Not even sure what the point of this rambling was....but if for nothing else I would sum it up with these two points of clarity:

1. Peppermint Bliss is my new favorite blog and if you aren't following along, start now. Just promise me to start from the beginning.

2. The world would be so much greater if alcohol didn't make you hungover and food didn't make you fat.

That's all.
Over & out.


  1. I know this makes me lame... but I drink very very little lately. On girls nights I now tend to hang back, I just can't keep up with the drunkies anymore.

    I'm not sure why exactly... it's just easier for my life if I'm not drunk. I can't sleep when I'm drunk and end up awake early because I can't stay asleep. ICK.

    And I've never heard of Peppermint bliss but if you tell me to... I'll do it.

  2. OY! Hangover... OK for sure, water is good for your body, your are 70% H2O. Drinking alcohol gets rid of a lot of it. Having a glass of water between each adult beverage helps keep you from dehydrating - and also can help you from assing out as quickly :-b Water before bed, water in the AM, with something like a wheat toast with peanut butter, banana slices and honey. there's plenty of advice out there on how to Get Rid of a Hangover , you might just have to try around, until you find what works for you.