Stepford Wife Wannabe

As I mentioned yesterday, Joel and I will be driving down to San Diego for the nuptials of his brother and future sister in law.

After the wedding, Joel's parents are going to be staying with us for an entire week.

I don't know if I'm in the minority here, but when I'm spending time with Joel's family, I try to be the best version of myself. A great cook, a pulled together fashionista, a fantastic aunt-to-be, and a fun loving girl who gets along with his entire family.

I feel like, ok, I'm their future daughter-in-law, the woman "handling" their son, and I want to make it seem that our life is just cherries and butterflies and that Joel is being taken care of by the best. Dinner's on the table, beds always made, laundry always folded - that sorta thing.

So, for the next week before they arrive (next Monday)I am obsessively cleaning the house, planning my outfits, stocking the fridge with the healthiest foods, having baked goods ready to go for breakfast time, and feeling the need to re-decorate every inch of the house. Why? Not sure...

Do you get that way with your in-laws? Or future in-laws for some (cough, Sarah....)?Am I the only loony toon around here?

and just a disclaimer: 
This is not  a feeling that Joel's family has made me feel. In fact, I feel beyond blessed to be accepted into their family with such open arms. I've been with their family for almost 6 years and I highly doubt that I'm fooling anyone with this weird stepford thing I've got going on, but sometimes it's strangely fun. 


  1. totally!! i'd be the same way!! baked cookies, etc laying around. house cleaned perfect! etc, etc!

  2. I get that way when my parents are visiting and when Tyler's family will be visiting. It's like a weird, innate, woman thing... I think?

  3. I totally get that, and think that's a very normal thing, when it comes to being a hostess. You want everything to be perfect so that they are more comfortable.

  4. I get that way with guests and family too. It's just good manners I think!

  5. Oh, AMEN TO THIS sister. Is there anyone who doesn't flip out and act like Martha Stewart on drugs when HIS family is involved?

    That's just good sense in my opinion.

  6. I feel that way when anyone comes to stay with us.

  7. Well, I think its really great that this is something THEY'VE made you feel like you need to do. Usually I would say if you feel like you need to keep up a certain image, whether that is something they believe or not, that it isn't very healthy. But, in this case, I think if you're having fun and they know who YOU are there's no harm in it.