Chicago Report

Can I first start off and let you know that Roscoe was a champ at traveling? One Benadryl was definitely the trick and he was mellow and calm for the entire traveling experience. In fact, he's also now a big fan of Mr. Jack Black, whom we sat next to on our flight home yesterday! Gotta love flying Virgin America.

My week in Chicago was jam packed, as usual, but super successful. 

On Tuesday, three of my "don't-know-it-yet,-but-probably-guessed-bridesmaids" picked me up at the airport and headed to my parents house. My parents had chilled champs waiting for us and after a glass, I presented all of them with their asking gifts. My mom had wrapped all of the glasses and mini bottles of Pop! Champagne and all of my girls couldn't have been more excited!

It's getting real!
My sisters will be my maids of honor.

On July 5th, my mom and I headed to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for the entire day to scope out potential venues and ceremonies....and I'm happy to say that we DID! We actually have a date, a reception, a ceremony, and a rehearsal location all locked down. Done....and Done.

And just in case we weren't busy enough, my mom decided to host a wedding shower for my cousins who are getting married over Labor Day weekend.
It was Mexican themed with pinatas, margarita's and a taco bar - the best kinda party.


It turned out to be a great night and it was so nice to see all of my family - including my cousin who is due with her son in 3 weeks!!!

Plus, I was so glad that Roscoe got to meet his sister and cousin.

But, unfortunately towards the end t of the party, I started to feel like absolute shit. I tried to sneak away and get to bed, but never slept that night and I woke up feeling even worse. The flight home was not fun, and I slept almost 15 hours on Sunday....and still am out of commission. Clearly, I just can't hang the way I used to. However, I am glad that my body let me enjoy my time home with my friends and family.....it couldn't have been a better trip.


  1. Tyler's parents lake house is right by Lake Geneva! It's so gorgeous over there. Perfect for your wedding!

  2. How exciting that you nailed down a location and venue. I just went to Lake Geneva for the first time a few weekends ago and I LOVED it. Such a gorgeous place for a wedding. :)

  3. YAYYY for getting big things checked off! You must be so excited and I bet it's a HUGE relief!

    Glad to hear that Roscoe did well with flying - how cool is that that you got to sit next to Jack Black?! Was he nice??

    Feel better soon!

  4. Dying to hear all the details about Lake Geneva!! Yay for getting things figured out!

  5. Sounds like a great trip! So happy for you that you picked out a wedding date & your venues -- exciting!!

  6. Aww, I'm sorry you weren't feeling well. On the bright side, at least it waited until your trip was almost over so that you could enjoy time at home. That's so exciting about booking venues, must make it feel real!