30 Day No Carb Living

Well, the scale has made it clear to me that it's time for another break with the good stuff.


So, I'm back on the pre-wedding "diet" and kicking all of the white stuff out of my mouth. No more tortillas, bread, pasta, crackers, chips, cookies, or anything else that is white, soft, gooe-y and fattening.

It worked last year, and I need to give it another go. My first goal is to go cold-turkey until I'm back in Chicago over Labor Day.

Until then, I'm going to try and keep a tight record here, and at home, of my meals and choices so that I can come back and look at these posts when I feel like I'm in a slump.

This week, dinners will be as follows:

Monday - Chicken Kale Ceaser

I make this salad every week. It's cooked chicken, fresh kale, crushed pecans, quinoa, avocado and Parmesan cheese w/ ceaser dressing. 

Tea Time with Tess: Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Oven Fajitas // make a big batch to enjoy throughout the week, great to take to work too
Thursday - Salmon Burgers (no bun for me) and Corn Salad 
You have to try these skinny mini salmon burgers out for dinner one night Roasted Mexican Street Corn Salad - A crunchy and spicy salad with just a bit of creaminess. Can be served warm or cold.

Cauliflower Pizza and it's actually good

Saturday - Grilled Brats (no bun for me) and Cucumber Salad
Grilled Beer Brats. Perfect for Father’s Day BBQ.Who needs lettuce? This Greek salad is fresh and crisp – the perfect, light summer salad!
For breakfast, I either do eggs with avocado or fruit with peanut butter. Lunches are either a bunch of small snacks (yogurt, hard boiled egg, apples, and nuts) or leftovers. Lots of coffee throughout the day, sometimes wine at night, and a few pieces of dark chocolate at the end of the night are my vices that I'm not parting with.

Giving up carbs works for me, because while it's not fun, I don't feel like too deprived. I can swap carbs with something equally as delicious. I love crackers and cheese, but almonds and cheese do the trick too....so little swaps like that really help me me not feel like I'm "dieting".


  1. I have never tried to give up carbs but I actually think I could do it. I eat a lot of fruit and veggies as is being a vegetarian and I definitely think this would help my scale as well! Your recipes look great- can't wait to see how it goes and what else you come up with to make!

  2. I lost about 23 pounds prior to my wedding. Once you get past day 3, its a walk in the park! The hardest part for me is the alcohol. I have decided to go back on the diet (i've gained about 10 pounds since May) for my Vegas trip in September. I would love to lose 15 so I can indulge in ALL the margs. Follow me on insta if you need any encouragement, or recipe ideas! @jengettingskinny

  3. I could never give up carbs. I've tried it once and by the 3rd day I was seriously dragging. Especially since I'm training right now, I know I couldn't do it.

    But like you, I know I eat too much of it. ESPECIALLY when it comes to sugar. So I'm trying to cut that out (minus Starbucks of course) and lower my carb intake. If anything I'm trying to eat my carbs for breakfast and just watch what I eat the rest of the day.

    That's the best thing about summer though. Such an abundance of fruits and veggies!

    Have you tried stuffed zucchini before? My favorite one is from Skinny Taste that's the Italian one with sausage. I also love Quinoa Stuffed Peppers.

  4. We're generally pretty low carb since it screws with J's blood sugar, so keep coming to TCK for ideas :)

  5. ugh, I need to follow your lead on this...I keep trying to do it and then the weekend comes and I'm screwed every time. I'm excited that you are going to share your meal ideas and experience on the blog! Hopefully I can stay inspired!! Good luck! Meal planning is definitely the first step!

  6. Your motivation is inspiring! I am such a sandwich addict but I could probably stand to increase my salads both for the reduction in carbs as well as the increase in veggies! You go girl, you can do it.

  7. I need to try going no carb too. I'm trying to cut out all processed foods anyways but cutting all carbs would work miracles I'm sure. I wonder if you could still eat Ezekiel bread? It does have carbs but your body processes it like veggies. Love the recipes you're making! I'll have to try a few! Life as I know it

  8. can you come and cook these for us at my house??? pretty sure i need carbs to take a backseat in my life, too ;0

  9. Love how determined you are. I need to get on this quinoa boat. And I agree with Kristen above: the zucchini boats are awesome.

  10. Chicken fajitas minus the carbs is one of my favorite meals. And then sometimes I add rice. OOPS.

    I just started doing my fitness pal a month ago, and cutting out calories is an effing BITCH and I'm always so hungry. Alas, I'm too scared to weigh myself cause I might quit if I've got no results.

    Also, back to doing couch to 5k when I'm not commuting an hour for work... aka, time to get back on the bandwagon there. Ugh. Stupid lbs. Where do they come from?!

  11. Love this! I am going through a Whole30 right now! Hooray for day 19! I've given up gluten, legumes, soy, dairy, booze, and processed/ added sugar. This is the fourth time I've done it and it really helps get me back on track! I have a few recipes you may enjoy over on my blog. Good luck girl and keep it up! :)