Weekend Report

Babies and booze and selfie practice sum this weekend pretty nicely.

Friday night we ordered pizza, opened a good bottle of wine and watched a few recorded episodes of Anthony Bourdain's Layover - which is one of the few shows that Joel and I both really enjoy. 

The other thing I worked on was getting used to my new glasses. I ordered new prescription glasses from Warby Parker and it's taken me almost a full week to be able to wear them for more than 30 minutes.

I only wear my glasses at night or on the weekends, but I'm going to try and rock them a little more often. 

Saturday morning I took the hardest yoga class I've ever taken and got totally sold by the girls at CorePower. They talked me into buying an unlimited package for this month, so I'm going to try and get to yoga at least twice every week. 

After errands we had a very special guest join us for our Saturday night activities.

My girlfriend Shelby needed a sitter, so Joel and I spent our evening with Tucker. He was so good, and it was really fun to have a little baby hang out with us for the entire night. It's also an interesting peek to see how Roscoe will do with a baby one day. 


 Roscoe has met Tucker many times before, but this was the longest one on one time they've had together. Roscoe is very protective and didn't leave Tucker's side for long - even watched him from the window when Joel was grilling.

And, not that I'm surprised, but Joel was so sweet with Tucker - and he was actually excited by my offer to babysit! 

There really isn't anything better than watching your husband with babies. 

Joel and I are still enjoying being selfish with our lives, but it was fun to play pretend parents for the night. And Tucker makes for a very adorable selfie accessory.

As soon as Tucker left, Joel and I made Moscow Mules to celebrate being good babysitters - and not having babies of our own. 

To solidify that we are truly in baby season with our friends and family - Sunday we had a couple's baby shower for my cousin Cole and his wife Brianna. 

I wore a new silk Madewell dress but I felt bad wearing black to a baby shower. Is that a major faux paus? 

Cole and Brianna are expecting their first baby on October 24th -the same due date as my sister-in-law Corie, so October is going to be one for the books around here!

The shower was book themed, and the hosts did a great job incorporating fun book-y games to keep everyone involved.


When we got home, we took it very easy (pretty sure I clocked 2,000 steps on my Fitbit...whoops), had a little wine and got ready for the week ahead.  

We don't have a lot planned besides a little tennis (and now yoga), dinner with friends, and time at the office. 

Here's to a happy week!


  1. That dress looks great on you! Totally fine for a baby-shower (not that I have any authority on that).

  2. What a precious baby!! Oh my gosh he's a cutie and I love how good Roscoe was with him. Black is totally acceptable for a baby shower- love that dress!

  3. Ahhh a husband with a baby. MY OVARIES.

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