Weekend Report

After having the past four weekends with visitors in and out, I was so excited to have a full weekend at home in LA. I got off of work early on Friday so I popped over to the mall to pick up a few new goodies.

I've been hating on my closet for it's lack of summer clothes, so I tried to snag a few summer dresses and tanks while I was shopping. 

I got this striped tank from J.crew, and then a black silk dress from Madewell and a cute pink Splendid dress from cusp. I have a few baby showers over the next few weeks so I think I should get some good wear.

My friend Kristin hosted a few couples for dinner and games on Friday so I went to her house early to help her set up.

She served quite the feast, but my favorite dish she whipped up was cauliflower pizza. I'm going to try and re-create her recipe and will share if I can succeed.

All of my friends - and sister-in-law - keep having baby boys, so we are giving all of them quite the education on girl talk.


After dinner we played a few hilarious rounds of Cards Against Humanity, and then decided to call it quite before midnight. We were all sipping on cinnamon-sugar vodka, and I'm pretty sure if any more of that and I woulda been hurtin' on Saturday morning. 

My driver was really sad the party was over.

Saturday I spent three hours purging and reorganizing my closet. I've been needing to do it for months, and I finally got the motivation to just get it done. I took two giant bags of things to Good Will and a few bags to the trash. It's wild how quickly I can accumulate such junk.
My determined to stop buying cheap crap, and start getting investment pieces that fit and make me feel good. I snagged this blouse on Friday too from J.Crew and finally bit the ever-trendy bullet and got the Kendra Scott Rayne necklace.

Joel and I never take advantage of living so close to the water, so after we parked near the restaurant, we walked about 11 blocks and caught the tail end of the sunset.


Our friends had reccomended Pono Burger the night before and we couldn't resist the sounds of draft beer, handmade fries, and burgers.

It's a super casual restauant, but everything was spectacular - and I loved the ambiance and the fact that we were basically eating dinner in a reclaimed barn.

The food was beyond delicious too.  I got the "posh" burger which had truffles, mushrooms, arugula, and gouda....I could eat it everyday I'm sure.

On Sunday I took Joel to the airport for a business trip and had the day to myself working out, getting laundry and errands done, and watching Father of the Bride. 

Just the exact weekend the doctor ordered. 
Sweet, simple things.


  1. LOVE your new shirt! Sounds like yall had a great weekend, not much better then a good ol burger, beer and fries! Have a great week love!

  2. That burger sounds outraaageous. Oh my gosh.

    I have a Big Closet Purge on my agenda for August when I don't have a little munchkin underfoot wanting to do a fashion show :)

  3. Oh how I love a good closet purge. And I'm in the same state of mind now too, buying pieces that are quality made and fit well.

  4. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me...shopping, eating, friends, sunsets, and a little me time!! Love your new clothes and I'm going to make you mad at yourself for going to goodwill because I'm hosting my first blog sale soon!! I've decided to go through the closet and put some items up for sale instead of just shipping them out in a box to goodwill. We'll see how it goes :)

  5. love the black and white striped tank, it looks great with white pants

  6. Oh, that cheese platter looks amazing.

  7. Love both of your outfits! All of my friends/family are having boys, too! Literally like 10 boys to 1 girl. Thanks to your post, you just reminded me I need to go through my closet tonight and list some stuff on Ebay.
    PS - Finally got a new job!!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! That burger joint looks delicious. Love both of your outfits! I'm in the middle of a huge closet purge too- I'm bad about buying cheap clothes too but trying to be better.