Our 4th


6:30am on the 4th, Joel, Roscoe and I loaded up the car and drove down to San Diego. My brother-in-law turned 30 on the 3rd and we hadn't seen Corie since they announced they were expecting, so it was a big occasion!

I took to Pintrest for a fruit flag platter - and it couldn't have been easier or cuter. 

And of course, the cute preggo manned the grill with the N/A Coors Light.

After a fitting 4th of July BBQ, the group took the trolley and headed to Petco Park for a Padres game.

The Padres won, and after the game, we made a quick pit stop for pizza and then went to Joel's Aunt and Uncle's for rooftop views of the fireworks (Hi Uncle Mark!).

We were up in Mission Hills so we were able to watch all 3 shows - which were all coordinated to do the exact same thing down to the second.


It was such a fun day and we felt really lucky that we got to spend it with family. Having Andrew and Corie - and Joel's Aunt and Uncle - down in San Diego, really makes living so far much, much easier.

Saturday morning we woke up and after coffee went for a super hot hike.

After eating like shit the day before, I tried to run to the top of canyon to the oil rig that you can sort of see at the the top.

Joel and I are the black blobs about half way up.

 We climbed about 140 floors (according to my FitBit) in the 100 degree heat before I called it quits.

We stayed in San Diego to watch the Holland soccer game and then hit the road around 5 to get back home.

Andrew and Corie make visiting so easy since they love Roscoe as much as we do and always spoil him when we visit. 

Sunday we ran errands and had my girlfriend - and training partner - over for dinner. Kristin and I killed a 5 mile training run together and then indulged in shrimp fajitas and a few glasses of wine. 

It was the perfect long weekend, and I was not ready to head back to work this morning. We have another wild week ahead of us as Joel's parents fly in for a visit on Thursday.

No rest for the wicked. 


  1. Wait... there is N/A Coors?! Note for the future.......

    Looks like a fun weekend :)

  2. Love the idea of the healthy fruit platter!

  3. Looks like a great 4th! I'm stealing that flag fruit platter for next year- great idea.

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