Friday 5

My mood, energy, and overall zest for life have been allllllllll over the friggen board lately. It's been incredibly obnoxious - and quite frankly exhausting. Myself is exhausting myself. I'm getting plenty of exercise and water, so I'm going to tweak a few other things and hopefully right this wrong as quickly as possible here.

I know like every day is national something, but yesterday was national tequila day - which is my all time favorite. My "drink drink" is tequila on the rocks with a lotta lime. People are surprised when I order it, but it's so clean, light and doesn't come with a hangover the way white wine or sugar-y cocktails do. These are my favorites...

 Casamigos Tequila Blanco 100% Agave Blanco

I've seen a lot of other bloggers talk about how excited they are for Fall and I am right there with you all. I cannot wait for the sounds of college football to fill my living room; starting lighting my favorite pumpkin candles; and start prepping for my first hosted Thanksgiving dinner BUT I'm refusing to let myself let the summer slip by without enjoying it.

It took me 4 months to buy this dang necklace and now I cant.stop. It literally goes with everything - instantly pulls together my outfit and always gets lots of compliments. I'm kind of annoyed I waited so long, and kind of bummed that I don't have like 6 different colors.

And while we are talking about products, have you switched over to the Meyer's line yet? Just do it. The hand soap (Geranium is my favorite flavor) is magical, the dish soap is better than anything I've ever used, and the counter top spray doesn't make you nervous that you are spraying straight up poison onto surface you are eating. The prices are pretty comparable to cleaning supplies (although I use these more so I'm refilling more quickly) but I think they do an all around way better job.

I'm ready for this weekend and fresh slate. 
Until Monday....


  1. I've wanted to try the Meyer's brand for awhile now. I'm trying to eat cleaner and use cleaner products but they definitely come with a price! Love that necklace! Kendra Scott makes the best pieces. I need to try your tequila cocktail. I usually stick to vodka water with a splash of pineapple but even that small amount of sugar gives me a hangover! Have a great weekend! Life as I know it

  2. Absolutely LOVE the Meyers brand, not at all because it's one letter away from my name :p And yes - I love fall, I love all the seasons, but let's just take each day for what it is.

    Also I've been Feeling Funktastic as well. Thinking it's too much caffeine that's throwing me off whack, perhaps.

  3. I'm a tequila and lime girl myself! I like good ol' Jimador.