Five on Friday


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Leo went to his first movie this week! The movie theater at the Grove here in LA (and a few other Pacific theaters in the area) they host a "Mommy and Me Movie" every Monday at 11am. It's really cute actually, they set up a changing station in the front, keep the lights lighter than usual and the volume of the movie a little lower. There were probably 25 other mom's and their babes, and no one cared when babies cried or needed to be changed, everyone was just happy to be out. 

We saw "Love the Coopers" and it was quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. Do not waste your money. 

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Unfortunately, that was our only outing this week because Leo started to have a little cold. He had a runny nose and was congested, and it just broke my heart. I sort of panicked and begged my doctor to see us at 4:45pm (and thankfully she did), and when we got in, Leo, of course was perfect and adorable and barely looked sick. She assured me that that is always the way, and gave us instructions to get him feeling better as quick as possible.

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Christmas table... or maybe you can use that decor for Thanksgiving... or... http://www.wnetrzazewnetrza.pl/2013/12/swiateczny-sto.html:
This weekend the Christmas decorations are going up! I was going to wait until the day after Christmas, but I think the decorations will make our Thanksgiving much more festive, so we're going for it a week early! 

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Every time I do laundry I feel like I rearrange Leo's dresser and closet. I just do not like my system and can't figure out a better way. Any tips for how you keep babies clothes divided and organized? It's driving me crazy. 

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This holiday season has come from no where for me. I'm still in such a time warp - it sort of feels like I'm just going through the motions. I'm sort of faking it til I make it - so here goes nothing.
Santa's Little Helper: Cinnamon, Ginger and Cranberry Infused bourbon with sprite:


  1. My daughter is 17 months old and i still rearrange her clothes all the time. I cant get them organized the way i like either! Let me know if you find any helpful tips!

  2. I really wanted to see love the coopers- I'm sad it was so bad but it's so cute the have a mommy and baby movie!! I didn't do anything last year for the holidays when Matthew was a newborn. I just didn't have the energy to get it together. Baby clothes are tough to organize. I end up hanging a lot when they're really little to keep it organized.

  3. Baby clothes organization can be a pain....esp since they out grow stuff at such a rapid pace. I'm not sure it is a battle that can be won. Ha. But I would go ahead and get a clear rubbermaid type container to put in his closet where you can throw stuff he outgrows. Not a problem now, but as soon as you hit about 3 months you will need it. I ordered these containers from ikea. They are nice bc they are somewhat flexible, but hold there shape nicely. Plus there are three different sizes. Small ones hold socks/pacis, whereas big one hold onesies, shirts, etc.


    Hope that precious nugget is feeling better! I feel your pain....Tripp has been battling cold/ear infections for weeks. Having tubes put in Wednesday, so I pray that gives him some relief!

    TGIF!!! :)

  4. How fun is that mommy and me movie day!!! Wish we had that here! That's one thing I miss since having a baby we can't go see a movie often like we used to. Sorry to hear the movie stunk! Whenever there's that many famous actors in a movie its usually a bad sign. Oliver had a cold a few weeks ago and I didn't waste time taking him to the dr. They're so little you don't want to play around if it's a big deal. Luckily it wasn't and he's all good now!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  5. I love the idea of a mommy and me movie. I would definitely take advantage of that too! And it's good to know about the movie, cause I wanted to see it. lol

    We're putting up our Christmas stuff this weekend too. So no judgement here on that front. ;)

  6. I am definitely not ready for the holidays, but you have a good excuse! That is so neat about the theatre; what a great idea! I hope Leo is feeling better soon.

  7. I wish I had gone to a mom & me movie but the closest one wasn't very convenient. Ugh there is no good way to organize baby clothes! I feel like ours are always a mess. Hope Leo feels better soon! Will had his first cold last week. No fun!