Leo's Nursery

Leo's room was a true labor of love for this little guy. We live in a two bedroom condo, with most of our family living in Chicago, so we knew that the second room needed to not only serve as a nursery, but also as a place that guests could stay and - when Leo is older - a room we can play in out in. 

The piece that I most love in this room is this white Ikea day bed. 


It's a really big piece of furniture, but it has worked out so well for what we need. It's a perfect "couch" to read stories or swaddle Leo, a great twin bed when we only have one visitor, and it opens to a queen bed when we need it to. 

I switched out the knobs on the bottom drawers which I really think made it look not Ikea. 


I was so worried that all of the different colored wood finishes would somehow clash, but somehow, they all work - and the room feels comfortable and cozy and turned out exactly how I envisioned it.


  1. His nursery looks great! You did an amazing job, and I love how functional it is for you. What a sweet space!

  2. His nursery looks great! I love how versatile you made it too! Perfect!

  3. Oh my goodness, it's perfect! Love the day bed - that is a versatile piece of furniture for sure! So adorable for sweet Leo!

  4. We only have a two bedroom place too and man I miss having an extra bed! All the nights I spent on the couch with my (then) newborn could have been a lot cozier if I went this route instead!

  5. Adorable!!! You guys did such a great job. Regardless of whether you had family needing to stay or not, I promise you are happy to have that day bed for late night feedings!!! It's perfect for your adorable little man.