Weekend Report

 Every weekend seems to get better and better as we fall into our new normal - and with every passing day, I feel more comfortable in what I'm doing and how I'm feeling - which has been such a welcome relief. 

And this doll baby is really starting to come into his own and is literally getting cuter every single hour. 

Joel's office was empty on Friday, so we decided to head over there for the afternoon to meet for coffee and a crepe.

When we were done, Joel went back to work and Leo and I walked around Beverly Hills for an hour and then went back to his office to nurse and hang with him until he had to leave.

Seemingly, very boring, but it was a nice change of pace from our living room!  We ordered pizza Friday night, lounged around and got into bed early.

Saturday, I made it to a hair appointment that I have had to reschedule 3 times in the last 2 months. Joel and Leo had a blast together, and I enjoyed the three hours to myself more than I thought I would.

Leo has been giving us really great stretches of sleep at night, but he is such a loud sleeper it's keeping me awake! I think I was up on Friday night every 25 minutes checking to see if he was in fact awake, so when for the first time in a while, I napped during his long afternoon nap and it was glorious. I missed the Iowa and Tennessee games, but the nap took priority.

Saturday night we decided to make a few pounds of chicken meatballs so that we could have some and freeze some. It's been a huge help to have freezer meals on the ready for the weekdays that get crazy, so Joel and I have really tried to find time on the weekends to freeze at least something.

I had my 6 week post-partum appointment this past week and was given the a-ok to resume exercise, so on Sunday, I hit the road for a run (after an 11 month running hiatus).

I ran a half marathon almost exactly one year ago, and let me tell you - you lose your running mojo really fast. These 2.5 miles were really, really hard, and included a lot of walk breaks, but it felt so good to just be out there again.

Sunday afternoon we ventured out for an early dinner at a friends which was a lot of fun, and we were home early to start the week on the right foot.


  1. Leo is such a little man!! He's so precious! Oliver is a loud sleeper too! What's up with that? Always grunting and moaning. It makes me want to put him in his crib but then I'd be up staring at the monitor all night!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. I'm going to need that chicken meatball recipe. I am glad you got to do some adventuring outside your place. With running, it is always rough to get back to. I think any movement forward counts, even with walk breaks.

  3. Isn't it funny how your priorities change - nap over football?! Gotta take sleep when you can get it. He really is becoming a lil man and his face is getting cuter and cuter as he looks more awake from coming out of you. I'm so glad you're feeling good and getting out by yourself. It gives you a new identity of being Mom and still Tess. Hard balance but it gets easier. I keep saying, this is our new normal.

  4. Holy COW, the way Leo's hair is combed across his head in that first pic is ADORABLE. Totally giving me a strong Joel vibe.

  5. I feel like Leo is getting so big already! Good for you to go out and get your hair done, you deserve a little me time and it's always the best feeling afterwards. AND for going out and running!I cant remember the last time I ran outside and have been keeping it totally lazy sticking to treadmill runs. Keep up the great work love!

  6. Those might be the cutest baby faces ever!! He is just the sweetest!