Weekend Report

We stayed close to the home front this weekend, but for a weekend that we didn't do anything all that special - it actually was a fantastic weekend for the three of us.

cozy. warm. spicy notes.:

With each passing day, we are getting the swing of things more and more and it's been nice, and fun, to just enjoy it. 


Both Saturday and Sunday we were like a mega tag-team of productivity. As soon as the babe got up and fed, I snuck out for a 2.5 mile run. On my way out, Joel had put Leo in the ergo and was tidying up....All of this before 8am.

And, I'm no where near back into the swing of running, but it feels so good to blast my Pandora music and just zone out. 

  During Leo's nap time that afternoon, Joel snuck out for a quick run and then once he was back home, I ran out to get a much needed mani/pedi. 

That afternoon we decided to bring out all of the Christmas stuff. I still have a few Thanksgiving pieces out, but I'm not regretting putting up the tree a little early.  

We had fun showing Leo some of our favorite ornaments and it honestly just made me giddy to have him here with us for the holiday season. He's obviously just a little guy but I have a feeling we are really going to try and make everything that much more special for him. 

We had planned to go out to dinner Saturday night, but by 6pm we were so freaking exhausted we scrapped that idea and ordered in sushi. 

Leo must have known that his parents were exhausted because after we put him down around 9:15, he slept until almost 4am! A record for him for sure, and it was glorious! 

Sunday morning we walked about to Coffee Bean to plan out our Thanksgiving menu!

Joel's parents are coming into town to spend Thankgiving with us and meet Leo. It will only be the 5 of us on Thanksgiving, but we're going all out anyways. 

That afternoon I spent 3 hours and 2 cups of coffee later and chugged out our Christmas cards. I'm doing a dual Christmas card/birth announcement so I want them out in early December and knew I just needed them done. I'm waiting for my stamps to arrive and hopefully they'll be in the mail a week from today.

We made chili for dinner and just vegged out on the couch after a productive, family filled weekend that left us feeling restored and happy....the best kind of weekends, especially before the holiday week.

I was terrified when I was told I would be laid off from a job that I love. And now, I'm so excited to be starting something new and better suited to me.:


  1. PLEASE bottle up your "productive-ness" and send it to Georgia!!!!!!!!!!!!! I majorly need some right about meow :) Are you going to share birth announcement on le blog? I would love to see it!

  2. Love this and I've got to get my butt on snapchat. I suck at remembering to use it. Joel cleaning with the Ergo carrier is killing me. Dad of the year award for sure. You couldn't catch my husband doing that for a million bucks!!! hahaha

  3. I don't know about you, but it always amazes me how much more productive in the early morning I am post-baby. What in the world did I do before kids in the morning?! .....Oh yeah, sleeeeeeeeepppp lol

  4. What a great weekend! Have a happy Thanksgiving!