Random Ramblings

- Just last week I read, and started following Moms on Call. So far, it's been great, and while I think it's pretty tough to schedule a 6 week old, we're using their guidelines and applying it to our own routine. Have you used Moms on Call with success? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter...

-Christmas music has officially started in our house, and it beats the hell out of afternoon TV. I cannot stand to have the TV on past Kathy and Hoda - so if we are home in the afternoon - the Michael Buble Holiday on Pandora is getting a lot of play time.

-I absolutely love the Christmas season, but this year it sort of feels like a whole lot of work to decorate the whole house for only 4 weeks of enjoyment. I really wish it was acceptable to put out decorations from the day after Halloween until the New Year.

-We really can't complain about lack of sleep, because Leo has been really really good to us, but I definitely have become a 2 coffee per day kinda girl - and I've been majorly indulging in an afternoon latte whenever I can get my hands on one! 

-Also a lot of work, the pregnancy book that I'm trying to make on Shutterfly. I really want to take all of my "bumpdates" from the blog and put them into a hardcover book - but good gracious it's taking me forever. I'm fairly certain this would be an impossible task to do again, so Leo will be the only lucky kid with a pregnancy book that he will probably never read! 

-We had our newborn pictures come back this week and they are just so precious. They were taken 3 weeks ago, and already Leo looks so much bigger than he did. We are going to do a dual birth announcement/Christmas card so as soon as I pick that, I'll share some of my favorites on here.

-One of the harder parts recovering from my C-section was that I couldn't take a bath for 6 weeks following. I am SUCH a bath taker - it is my favorite way to relax and decompress - so I literally almost cried this week after my doctor gave me the all clear.

-Besides celebrating Leo's first Thanksgiving and Christmas, I'm just so excited for the next three months. Starting this weekend we have a steady flow of family coming to visit and be with us all the way through the end of January. There is literally nothing I love more so it's due to be a pretty amazing few months.

-Everyone says how fast life seems to zip by once you have a baby, and I truly have tried to remind myself every single day to just stay in the moment and enjoy each day as it comes. I'm such an over-planner....constantly looking to the next month, year, goal, plan, baby, move, job....but by doing that, I rush things by and I just can't do that with this precious season of life. File this as lesson #685 that I've learned in the last six weeks.



  1. We followed Moms on Call for awhile, then I gave up and basically just let Tripp do whatever he wanted....within reason. The main things I kept the same everyday were feedings and bath/bedtime. I think the MOC schedule would have worked better had I not felt like I had to be so rigid at first with the schedule. I would wake him up if it said it was time to play/eat/etc. And in my opinion now, that was a rookie move. Never, ever wake up a sleeping baby....that is my new motto. Eventually, we kind of just naturally developed a routine with him, but I do think MOC gives you a good starting point. Just don't be too strict with it like I was. And of course, as with all baby advice, take mine with a grain of salt. Babies are all so different. Sounds like yall are finding what works for you just fine.

    We did a joint birth announcement card as well. Probably the only thing I've saved money on in the last year ;)

    He just keeps getting cuter, Tess! So, so beautiful!

  2. We never followed one particular method but we did do the Moms on Call swaddle method - game changer. Ahh the first holidays are so exciting with a newborn! So happy for you!

  3. It is so exciting that you got newborn photos! I can't wait to see how your announcement turns out, The ones for Christmas are so cute. I haven't done a sleep schedule yet because I think it's too early, but I am intrigued by MOC. I am also so excited for the holidays, but trying to savor the season.

  4. I read your blog regularly but rarely comment - does that make me a lurker?! I read moms on call but didn't really follow it. I felt like by the time you hit the 12 week marker life gets so. much. easier. Their little bodies seem to regulate out a little more and ours at least just kind of fell into a schedule on her own. Have you guys watched the Happiest Baby on the Block? That was the most helpful for us (especially my husband). Congrats on your beautiful baby boy - I just love the name Leo! You sound like you are absolutely flourishing as a new mama!

  5. I'm trying to follow MOC too but no two days are the same with an infant so one day we'll be good and the next he's fussy and wants to eat non stop! The Lactation consultant that came to my house said around day 40 babies start to make their own routine. I figure as long as he's giving me some sleep at night the day routine stuff will fall in place! Michael Buble Christmas on Pandora is my favorite too! His regular station is good as well!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  6. I'm currently using MOC! I haven't read the book, but I just downloaded the app and have been using it as my guide. T. is doing GREAT on the schedule so far and I am getting so much more sleep at night and I really think it's nice to have a set routine...of course, there are days that are easier than others, but I'm 100% on board right now!