Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts for Thursday

::: It blows my mind that next week, last year (ya follow me?) I took a pregnancy test at 5:00 in the morning and found out that I was pregnant with Leo.

::: And because I'm insane, I'm already nervous/anxious/scared for my next pregnancy. Will that go away?

::: Joel is out of town for one night this weekend so I'm flying solo for the first time with my buddy. I feel confident enough now that I can successfully do it alone and not want to jump! I think 3 months is when the tide really turns for new moms.

::: Ok, last thing about moms....Do you follow The Lunchbox Diaries and/or Olive and Tate blogs? They did this really cool blub video on Tuesday night, and I loved it. It was an hour long live chat where they answered questions and just talked about taboo mom topics. It was refreshing and funny and hit home for me. I really wish these girls lived next to me because they are my kind of girls/friends/moms/people/etc. If you have an hour - check it out here.

::: Saturday I'm spending the day with my cousin stocking the freezer. She is expecting her first baby at the end of April, and I have found freezer meals to be life savers, so we're going to make a day of it. I have a few stand by freezer meals (Chili, Meatballs, Enchiladas, etc.) but I'm thinking about trying a few new recipes. Do you have a simple one that you like? Ideally carb free?

::: Going light on the carbs hasn't been too brutal, and I'm seeing a teensy bit of results (i.e. a few pounds that I gained over Christmas are starting to drop). I really wish I had the time to be clocking in daily hardcore workouts, but the day starts at 6 and I don't stop until about 7pm. At that point, I just can't fathom going to a class or taking a run. Leo and I take a long walk everyday, and I try to get in hard workouts over the weekend, but it's a lot tougher to find the time than I expected.

::: I really want some black gym shoes. My sister in law had a really cute pair from Asics, so I'm trying to decide if I want the asics pair or the nike pair. I end up wearing workout clothes at least 2x a week, and I never have the perfect shoe to wear with so I'm thinking I'm going to have to make an investment soon.

ASICS Women's Gel-Zaraca 4 Running Shoe, Black/White/Silver, 8 M US

::: I'm obsessed with Snapchat. I think it's because I'm alone all day, but I check that app more than any other social media site. It's just such a cool look inside peoples lives and I reallllllllly like that it's very unedited. My favorite account to follow is "HappilyEvaAfter". Eva is Susan Sarandon's daughter, and she has an adorable daugher herself (Marlowe) and a really cute blog "Happily Eva After"

::: I'm so excited about Superbowl weekend! I don't have any affiliation with either team....Joel is rooting for the Broncos because of Peyton....which meansI'll have to root for the Panthers just to piss him off ;) But really, I'm most excited for the snacks and commercials. We have friends in town from NY who will be joining us, so I'm going to make a few really easy appetizers that can be made ahead so I don't have to think about it. Any excuse to eat, drink, and party on a Sunday is just fine by me (and gets me excited for the Oscars!)

Happy Thursday! 



  1. Please cheer for the panthers!!! And I agree that things turn around for new moms at 12 weeks!

  2. My coworker's nephew plays for the Panthers so I'm cheering them on.

  3. Good luck being solo! I agree that three months is the magic time. I think it helps that the mom feels more normal and the baby is usually sleeping! I discovered Steph's blog about a month ago and think she is great. I can't wait to listen to the talk!

  4. My year anniversary of finding out I was pregnant was on Monday! It's so crazy to think how different my life is now! I love watching your snapchat! I just wish you could comment on it. I need to start using mine since I have zero time to blog anymore!

  5. Do you have any stroller strides classes in your area? They're workout classes for moms with babies in strollers. They typically meet in parks and stuff. Lots of fun!

  6. I keep hearing people talk about how awesome Snapchat is...I'm thinking I may need to jump on the bandwagon! And yes, I want to have my freezer stocked too, sans baby! Need to do a freezer meal cooking sesh soon!

  7. Thank you so much for your sweet words! Taboo Mom Talk has been a blast to do and I love that you've suffered through the craziness with us ;-)