Weekend Recap

 Friday I enlisted the help of this cutie to help do nine hundred loads of laundry.

For being such a good boy, we pulled out this door bouncer. Leo loves to stand and bounce, and has pretty good head control, so we decided to give it a whirl. I have to stuff a towel in the back for extra support but so far it's been a lot of fun for him to play in - and I love that it has a little try for toys.

Saturday morning Joel's brothers family came up from San Diego to hang with us. It was actually Leo and Sulley's first time meeting because the past two other times we tried, poor Sullivan was sick.

When they got here we took a walk to the park to let the Sulley play and get some fresh air before heading home for a night of pizza cookin.

Every year as a Christmas tradition, we've been getting together to make pizzas and just hang out. Christmas this year was too hard to swing, so we did it in January. It was much different this year with two little boys demanding most of our attention but once we got them both down for the night, we broke out the tequila and had ourselves a VERY good time.


We had high hopes of getting the boys to take a cousin bath together, but they weren't having any of that, so we will have to shoot for that over Easter!

Sunday morning, Joel and Andrew and some friends went to watch a soccer match. It was pouring rain Sunday morning, but we had to get the boys out for a change of scenery, so we made a pit stop at my girlfriends house to play with her little boy Tucker.

Plus we got a great photo op since I had to pull out Leo's raincoat!  

The fam left Sunday at 5pm and Joel and I were beat! I threw together a bowl of pasta and we both were in bed before 8pm! We can't hang like we used to.


  1. Oh my goodness! Leo's raincoat is awesome! You really do put him in the cutest clothes. :) What a great weekend!

  2. His little tongue sticking out!!!

  3. His rain coat...omg.

    Tell me about this door bouncer...I get scared that the molding would fall off the doorway and the bouncer would fall. I know I'm crazy so explain to me how it works. MA would LOVE it.

  4. That rain coat is precious! It sounds like a great weekend! Jess at Just Jess

  5. Leo is so stinkin' cute! You can tell his personality is really starting to come out! I can't get over that raincoat either!!