Weekend Report

Thursday night my friend Shelby had some girls at her house for a little Valentine's themed fondue night. Joel stayed home with the babe, and I got to indulge in a night full of girl time.

Only problem? I indulged in way more glasses of wine than I'm used to and stayed up way later than normal, which meant that I paid a dear, dear price on Friday.

It was my first hangover in a year, and lets just say I could go without one for another year. I felt like I was hit by a large bus.

With that being said, we ordered pizza on Friday night and I went to bed at the same time Leo did.


Thankfully by Saturday I was back to normal because Joel had to leave for an overnight work trip and I had two girlfriends coming over for a "stock the freezer" day. 


It was our first go around at it, and although we haven't taste tested the recipes, I actually think it was a success.

We each made one recipe (I did stuffed meatballs, a tried and true freezer staple in our house) and tripled it so that we each took home three different dinners to the freezer. 

It was a lot of work but actually really fun. Plus, it was so nice having company around since it was just Leo and I all day. Solo parenting is not an easy task. 

Thankfully Joel was only in San Fran so by the time Leo woke up from his morning nap, Dad was home! 

I snuck away for a much needed 3 mile run, and then the three of us hung out all day and just relaxed. 

I made my crack dip and April's buffalo turkey meatballs to nosh on during the game, felt like I could hold down a beer again, and were happy to see former Vol Peyton Manning take home the victory. 


May you be happy always.:


  1. Stock the freezer day...that sounds like a fun and productive thing to do with friends. And I'll ignore your superbowl comments! ;)

  2. I think you've just given me my theme for Valentines night at home ... fondue night! Thanks girlie! XOXO

  3. That Valentine's Day party looks so pretty! I love the idea of stocking the freezer together with friends too. Yay for surviving solo parenting on Saturday too!

  4. I admit that I cried a little when Peyton and the Broncos won last night. #VFL

  5. I'm not sure who this small child is sitting in that chair... where is BABY LEO?

    (And I've never really gotten into Valentine's Day, but I'm thinking I might have to do some pretty table decor like that - such big impact!)

  6. I think hangovers are bad these days and I don't even have a child yet! Props to you. Love the "stock the freezer" idea!

  7. I feel like hangovers have gotten SO much worse in the last few years! Your fondue party looks like so much fun, and I definitely need to recruit some friends for a stock the freezer party!