Day in the Life [with a 7 month old]

It looks like I'm getting around to these about every 3 months or so. Pretty crazy to think that my days have looked VASTLY different every 3 months for the last year! 

and here we are, on Tuesday, April 26th with a 7 month old baby!

6:22am - Leo's up! We let him stir a bit in bed before Joel grabs him.

6:35am - I feed him a bottle in bed (we stopped breastfeeding this week), and after he's finished, we snuggle in bed. He is just sweet as sugar in the morning, and loves to watch Joel get ready in the bathroom.

7:20am - Joel walks out the door after making him and I a smoothie (amazing!), and I take my cup of coffee over to "Leoland" to watch Leo play. I have the Today show on in the back and we facetime my mom for a few minutes too.

8:30am - Leo goes down for his nap, so I snuggle him in his merlin suit and read a book before naptime.

8:35am - This morning nap is really unpredictable - sometimes he'll give me an hour, sometimes two and a half! So I always end up rushing on the front end, and waiting for him on the back end...but I get ready for the day today in workout clothes, dab a little make up and call it a day.

9:00am - I catch up on blogs and try to work on posting one myself. I also spend some time ordering a mother's day gift for my mom and ordering a few things on Amazon that we're running low on.

9:45am - Leemans up. We just put bumpers on his crib because he was getting his arms and legs stuck in the slats, and now of course, he likes to sleep right up next to them.

10:00am - Leo takes a bottle and then we pack our bags and head out.

10:20am - We park in Joel's office every Tuesday so we can attend a baby class at the Beverly Hills Public Library. Leo is in a good mood, so we stroll inside to say hi to everyone working before we walk the few blocks over to the library.

11:00am - Baby Class! It's one of our favorite times of the week. The class is 50 minutes long and we sing songs, listen to stories, do a sensory activity, and then let the babies play.


12:00pm - Once class is over, I take a long walk to go meet Joel for a little lunch date in the park. Today, (and most of the time), Leo fell asleep on our walk, so Joel and I get to eat lunch together and actually talk to each other which is a nice bonus.

12:50pm - We walk back to the office together and load Leo up in the car to head home. 

1:10pm - Bottle time for Leo 

1:25pm - Leo and I play in Leoland for a while. We just took out this new activity bouncer and he's been loving it. When we're home in the afternoon, I try to keep the TV off, and lately we've been listening to the Van Morrison pandora station.

2:10pm - I try to stretch Leo as late as possible for his afternoon nap, but he's exhausted, so I put him down and he basically fell instantly asleep.

2:15pm - I decide to take advantage of naptime and catch up on last nights Southern Charm

 3:00pm -  I always prep our dinner during Leo's afternoon nap. Tonight is Greek Chicken Salad, so I bake the chicken, and assemble all of the salad ingredients so that when it's time to eat, we're ready to go.

3:30pm - I also started cooking some of Leo's food, so I made froze some purred butternut squash and steamed whole carrots for him to chomp on as well.

4:10pm - My girlfriend calls me and tells me she is stopping by for a quick glass of wine, so I scramble to clean up my kitchen and put my bra back on ;)

4:30pm - Of course, as soon as she walks in the door, Leo wakes up from his nap, so after I fed him we took our glasses of wine to our play area, sat on the floor with him, and gabbed over toy music. 

5:30pm - We walk Miss Shelby out with Roscoe and see that Joel is home early!! Score!


5:45pm - After Joel changes out of his work clothes, he takes Leo to play for a little bit while I assemble the salad and set the table. 

6:10pm - We all sit down at the table to eat. Leo will give us about 15 minutes of sitting in his chair, so Joel and I have to eat pretty fast. 

6:20pm - We are doing a little BLW with Leo, and tonight he is working with a carrot, and getting spoonfulls of prunes and purred carrots as well.

6:35pm - It's bath day (we've had to start doing baths every other day because Leo's dry skin), and every bath time we Facetime with Coco and Papa. 

6:45pm - Joel cleans up most of the dishes during bathtime, and once I've gotten Leo dried up and into his jammies, I kiss him goodnight and hand him off to Joel, who feeds him his last bottle and puts him into bed. 

7:00pm - I finish the dishes, pack our lunches for the next day with leftovers from the salad, and sit on the couch and catch up on snapchat and instagram while I wait for Joel to finish putting the baby down. 

7:15pm - We both sit down on the couch. Joel has to send some emails, so he has his work computer with him but we watch two episodes of black-ish that we had saved on the DVR. 

 8:05pm - I take an US weekly magazine and take a bath

8:46pm - I get a text message that my cousin Erin had her baby girl Carter!!!! She had been laboring for 30 hours and I had been on pins and needles. The last text I got from Erin was at 2ish this afternoon so I was really hoping to hear something before bed! 


9:00 pm - I get into bed, play on my phone, and Joel and I are both ready to go to sleep by 9:15pm


And that's pretty much our typical Tuesday around here! At least for now!    


  1. I really love these types of posts! Looks like you had a good day! I love that you guys are able to meet Joel for lunch. Leo is adorable!

  2. Your cousin's baby is beautiful! What a long labor, but what a prize! It sounds like a nice typical day!

  3. I always love these types of posts! Looks like a fun day with baby Leo!

  4. Getting out of the house for baby classes and lunch with Joel is probably such a treat! I know that when I was teaching, I craved adult interaction and I can imagine you do even more spending your days with a baby that can't even talk back yet!

  5. These are my favorite types of posts! Love this!

    I just started my blog- www.becomingthebehars.com

    Please check it out! <3

    XOXO, Your fellow LA friend,

  6. Loved reading this! Our days are very similar on my days off from work! How cute that you FaceTime your parents every night! And yikes 30 hours of labor does not sound like fun! Precious baby girl though!

  7. I love reading these posts, especially now that I have a baby too! The first pic of Leo on the mat is so cute.