::: Thursday night I met up with some of my girlfriends to celebrate my birthday! We met at my favorite wine bar - Ester's in Santa Monica - and basically closed the place down. Laura was such a trooper hanging in a wine bar filled to the brim with wine, soft cheese, and charcuterie....but we know she'll be back in action with us in only a few short weeks!

::: I had to shake off my fuzziness from Thursday nights shenanigans because we had swim lessons bright and early on Friday morning - and I'm so glad we did. Literally Leo might be the next Michael Phelps ;) This was our 3rd lessons, and it really clicked for him this time. He was going under water constantly, kicking his feet and splashing all around.

  ::: We stayed in Friday which was what we both needed. Since Mexico I've been loving tequila and lime juice as my cocktail of choice.

::: Saturday Joel went to run on the Pacific Crest Trail and it was an all day affair so Leo and I were solo.  I took him on a hike in the morning where we did 4 miles, and then we stopped at our friends house for bagels and a few hours of playtime.

Clearly, it was a long day ;)

Joel got home just in time for bath time, so I made myself a salad (since he had stopped and had two burritos after 7 hours of running), caught up on some shows, and we both went to bed before 9:30!

::: Sunday we ran errands and then had a little pizza party. Leo was obsessed with the big kids, and clearly their company worked like a charm because he slept in until 7:30am Monday morning!


 ::: I wish I had a better "almost after" picture, but Leo started cutting two teeth on Friday (below)! They didn't seem to bother him until yesterday, but yesterday was a long day. I could tell he was in pain and he basically spent the entire day whining. They're like half way through, so I'm hoping its just a few more days.

::: He's also really trying hard to be on the move. He's able to pivot all around but can't really make any forward (or backward) motion....but I have a feeling we are going to wake up one morning to a crawling baby.

::: A few people asked about his eczema, so I thought I'd update you on that too. We're still very much in the trial and error phase. Hydrocortizone worked like a charm to clear it up - so we had a few days of perfect skin, but once I stopped using that (and was just using aquaphor), it started to flare up again. We see the doctor this Friday (for his 8mth check up!!), so I want to talk to her about coconut oil as an option (he also has a dry scalp, and I've heard coconut oil is great for that as well), since we can't use hydrocortizone constantly.....to be continued....

::: I think that covers it for all of the notable items going on around these parts. I'm trying really hard to increase my workouts, so I'm trying to get in long walks everyday, with at least 3-4 hard workouts on top of that. I've been leaving around 6am a few mornings a week to sneak in a run or do that Santa Monica stairs with my girlfriend, so I'm hoping that I can officially fit into all of my pre-baby clothes in the next few weeks. My weight is just about there, but everything has changed!!

The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It's about what you're made of, not the circumstances.:


  1. Leo is going to be on the move in no time...I also love that he's such a little water baby!

  2. Leo teefs! This kid is too much. I love that he's swimming before he's crawling :)

  3. My daughter has really bad eczema and there is a really great cream based lotion called Cerave that has worked for us to a point where we no longer have to use the hydrocortisone. You can get it at Target and it comes in a tub. Aquaphor always seemed to cause her eczema to flare up and our doctor told us that sometimes petroleum based products will do that with eczema.

  4. Playing catch up... I'm so glad Leo's enjoying swimming! Dang Joel that's a lot of running!!!

  5. He is so stinkin cute and I especially love seeing him on Snapchap!

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