Girls Trip to Mexico

I have officially come to the conclusion that there are few things better for your soul than a weekend away with girlfriends. This trip came together sort of randomly, but also weirdly perfectly, so I knew going into it was it was destined for great things from the start.

Flying out of LA with my girlfriend Shelby, made even the customs line part of the fun! No diaper bag, no problem over here!

After we made our way out of the airport in Puerto Vallarta, our driver had cold beers for us for the drive to my parents condo in Punta Mita. Talk about a smart way to get a good tip! 


We got into the condo and decided to hit the beach for a beer and some chips and guac while we waited for Jenna to make it in from Chicago. 


Once we got back to the house, Jenna made her way and the trip officially began. 

Our first night for dinner on the beach we hit up Blue Shrimp on the water. Whenever you make a reservation at these restaurants, since most people are on vacation, they ask "what are you celebrating"....well, tell them it's your 21st birthday and rest assured, you're going to end the night with a few too many tequila shots.


We were actually looking for more of a relaxing girls weekend as opposed to as crazy one, so we actually sipped the shots they brought and more so enjoyed the chocolate cake they brought out too!  

Saturday morning we started our day at our favorite coffee/breakfast shop in town - Boca Deli - and then took off for a walk around the village. 

Mexico in May is pretty hot and humid, so by the time we were done walking around 10am, the only place you really want to be is the pool. 

We spent the entire day reading, swimming, napping, listening to music....only breaking for fish tacos and beers on the beach.

 That Friday night, we went to another local restaurant favorite (Si Senor), and ended up having the best dinner ever. We brought "chat cards" with conversation prompts on them, and ended up closing the restaurant down answering wild, hilarious, boring, and funny questions.

And that night we did have too much tequila. 

Saturday - we honestly wanted to replicate what we did the day before. That was a big key to this weekends success = we all wanted the exact same thing from the trip: rest, relaxation, good food, good laughs, and lots of fun.

So we hit up our coffee shop and then took our 2nd cups of coffee on the road so we could get a little walk in. 

Once we got home, we resumed positions in our beach chairs and hung out all day long.

On Saturday night, we decided to get cocktails at the St. Regis and have dinner at a beautiful restaurant near there called Sufi. 

The view and vibe were sort of perfect for our last dinner out. We ordered an amazing bottle of wine and ate as much fresh seafood as we could.

We took the party home, sat outside for a few more hours drinking beer, listening to country music, and just telling stories....laughing and crying....until we forced ourselves to bed.

We snuck in one delicious brunch before we all headed to the airport to go home.

Shelby and I decided to upgrade on the way back....we figured why not. When we walked on the plane, the pilot was outside of the cockpit and started talking with us. I told him it was my birthday and my first mother's day as we made small talk.

Well, little did I know, before we took off, the pilot (Victor, from Alaskan Airlines) comes on the speaker, gives me a sweet little shout out and then had the entire plane sing happy birthday to me. I was as red as a tomato, but it kicked off the most fun (and funniest) plane ride I've ever had.

We landed at 4:15, and I was home with Leo, Joel, and my sister Hannah by 5pm. Just enough time to order pizza and open a few presents.

I honestly wouldn't have been able to make this trip happen without Joel being so awesome, but, truly, my sister was an amazing aunt and swooped in to substitute for me while I was gone like a champ.

She didn't miss a beat, and I didn't worry for a second, and it was the best gift she could have given me.

I'm pretty sure Leo didn't even realize I was gone, and I got to come home a better mom and wife because of it.

A birthday and 1st Mother's Day very, very well spent.


  1. A recharge weekend that looked like SO much fun! I'm headed out on my own this upcoming weekend and you're right - I'll come back better for the people I love! I know we texted already, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY & happy first Mother's Day! <3

  2. I am so happy for you, Tess! What a perfect way to celebrate your first Mother's Day and your "21st" birthday ;) You are a terrific Mom to Leo and deserved a little girlfriend time to recharge! We should get together for happy hour one day!

  3. ahhhh so amazing!! Happy birthday gal. I'm so happy you were able to get away with the girls to what looked like the most perfect beach weekend ever!! I love that you have an awesome mexican escape! This girlfriend will accompany you anytime you need a friend !!!! :) heheh. You so deserved it and and you looked so darn cute the whole time. Me and Natalie missed you on our blogger meet up. You were the only thing missing :)

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  5. Amazing girlfriend getaway! Looks like you had a fabulous, and much-deserved, relaxing time. I love that you celebrated your "21st" again. I'm already dreading turning 28 this summer..

  6. Your trip looked like so much fun!!! What an awesome way to spend your birthday! I'm with Annie, if you ever need a tag along to Mexico count me in!

  7. It sounds absolutely amazing and just what you needed! Happy Birthday and Mother's Day!

  8. That looks like such a fun trip! What a great way to celebrate your birthday and Mother's Day. I think I need to plan a trip like this!

  9. I'm so glad you had a wonderful vacation! It looks like it was a really fun and wonderful trip! :)

    Happy (belated) Birthday & Mother's Day!

    Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/

  10. Ahhh, what an amazing trip!! Can't wait to hear the full recap. The pictures (and you three) look absolutely gorgeous!!

  11. Sounds amazing and I am officially jealous of your girls weekend! I bet your sister loves any excuse to stay with Leo! So fun you got to get away for a refresh.

  12. Looks so amazing - and you definitely deserved it!

  13. So jealous of the trip! I'm there next time!! LOVE YOU and I can't believe 28!!