Low Carb Dinners

Since we got back from Chicago, we've been trying really hard to go carb free. I would say, I've been pretty good and have only really cheated two or three times in three weeks.

With Mexico on my mind, I had pretty solid motivation, but I enjoy food and cooking too much to feel like I'm constantly depriving myself. Going low-carb is actually pretty easy for me after the first few days.

Joel has been making smoothies every morning, lunch has been a protien plate, and below have been our dinners the last few weeks.

We've made quite a few of these below, twice, but everything has been so filling and flavorful, neither one of us have felt like we sacrificing much. 

MONDAY - Zuchinni Boats

 Served with jalapeno black beans and feta cheese on top. 

TUESDAY - Shrimp Mexican Cobb Salad

I tossed mine with a jalapeno ranch dressing

WEDNESDAY - Caprese Chicken

 These were my favorite of the week! I bought my glaze at Trader Joes 

THURSDAY - Greek Salad

Topped with grilled chicken - and I used a creamy feta dressing bought from Trader Joes. 

FRIDAY - Brats on the grill and a Caprese salad

SATURDAY - Salmon Burgers and Ahi Poke

 The poke is Joel's creation, but he uses sushi grade tuna bought from the seafood market.


  1. Thank you for posting! I am gearing up for low carb and this is a huge help!!

  2. That balsamic glaze from Trader Joe's is the best!

  3. You know these are my fav! I definitely stole the brats/caprese salad after seeing on your Snapchat last week, and have the Caprese Chicken with Avocado lined up for this week! Also, would LOVE a glimpse at what you rotate for protein plates - I pack my lunch every day and am intrigued!

  4. omg dying for that poke, looks amazing!

  5. I think we eat the same way. I just added several of these to my list for next week. Thank you for meal planning for me!!!

  6. How do you get your zucchini to come out slightly soft when cooking it? Whenever I make zuch boats the topping tastes delicious but I can't get over the texture. Help a girl out :)

  7. We need to get back on the low carb wagon! That caprese chicken looks delish!