New house needs

Initially when we moved into the house, I was on a "get things perfect" rampage, and couldn't be slowed. 

Once we got all of our stuff from our 2 bedroom apartment in LA, into this much larger home, I was able to fill some immediate furniture holes.

I'm actually surprised how not empty this house is, given the change, but there are some holes.....and some of those holes are just going to have to wait a while. 

I'm not good with waiting, and I'd like every room to look done, and looking done now, but there's no sense in rushing, so I'm working with it.

What I'm hoping to scoop up in the next few weeks is a hallway runner, a comfortable, fun couch for our living room (and I'm leaning towards navy), and a small table that would work well in front of our front bay window. 


and then I'd like to put that table up in the guest room (where it belongs!)

I'm kind of hoping I can score a little bit with the upcoming President's sale so I've been on the hunt and really like this one from Wayfair. I need a dark colored rug that can really hide dirt since this runner will be in a heavily trafficked area. 

Bungalow Rose Ameesha Ivory/Blue Area Rug

My parents are building a house later this year, and I'm hoping to scoop up a few of my moms pieces when they move. I've got my eye on two cozy chairs for our master bedroom, vintage end tables that were my Grandmothers, her outdoor set and mmmaaayyybbbeeee even her sectional if it proves to be too big for her basement! She wants new and I am ONE HAPPY CAMPER to take any of her used goods! 

Our upstairs bedrooms are pretty lacking too, but with time, I know that this house will some day feel small to us!


  1. Oh girl. I'm laughing read this. When we went from apartment to house, I also felt like it was empty and had to fill all the space.

    5 years later and we RAN OUT of space. lol So just you wait. ;)
    But it didn't help that both my parents moved from their homes and gave me a lot of my old stuff/handed down stuff. THAT was a process.

  2. Love that runner! One that hides dirt is definitely the way to go. It's so hard to not want to decorate everything right away!! I think you all are doing well for the short amount of time you've lived there. Its better to take your time and really fill it with pieces you love anyway.

  3. We are in a similar boat. We moved from our one bedroom apartment to a house three times the size! Needless to say things are sparse. I am taking my time, but it does drive me crazy sometimes. I think your home is beautiful!