[really] rambling thoughts

::: Is it the gym day care? Is it Leo's age? Who really knows, but Leo is going through a majoooor mommy thing right now and it's tough! Not only does it seriously pull on my heart strings, I know it hurts Joel's heart too when he runs into the house after a day of working and Leo throws a fit and only wants to be held by me. This too shall pass, and I'm not going to lighten up on the kidzone thing either, but its going to be a tough six week transition for us I have a feeling.

::: I just started Leo's baby book....and thank God I blog. I 100% would have forgotten everything about these last 16 months! It feels like this has been equal parts an eternity and a week. I'm basically copying my blog posts and sticking them into a shutterfly album - really only touching on his monthly updates, big firsts (like Christmas, his baptism, etc.), and calling it a day. 

::: I flirted a few posts back about going back to work, and I think it's pretty much a done deal. It looks like I'll be doing some part time, work from home, consultant work for a company I used to work for. It's going to be about 18 hours a week, 4 days a week from 12-4pmish each day. My mom and Joel's mom are going to help keep Leo during the afternoons which is the reason I'm going for this. It's going to be a transition for us all, but its such a great opportunity, and I'm hoping it makes me better in every facet since I'll really have to stay organized and on schedule. 

::: Now that the house doesn't have any boxes in it and we've *almost* done all of our phase 1 projects, I am sort of "house-ed out". There's a lot of gaps that need tending too - like an almost empty sitting room - but I've lost some of my initial motivation. 

::: Back to the gym day care thing....even though its a bit of a situation right now for Leo and I.....it's pretty friggen amazing. To take Leo to this kidzone in the morning, get a workout in AND get him some active playtime (all for $1.75/hr) is like an absolute dream come true. It feels incredibly indulgent and I honestly feel spoiled while I'm running on the treadmill! 

::: My mom, sisters and I are going to see Hamilton this weekend! We got the tickets back in November for my mom's birthday and the time has finally come! I can't wait to see what all the hype is about and we're going to stay downtown and enjoy a really fun girls night.

::: I was at Nordstrom Rack this week when I spotted a pair of ugg boots (the high style in chestnut). I had a pair like 7 years ago, but when I moved to LA, I vowed to never own a pair again. Pfff......didn't stick to that. I couldn't resist! They are so comfortable, and I know they're pretty ugly, but I don't hate them with leggings and a sweater and I honestly haven't taken them off since they became mine. 

::: We have like $100 dollars in gift cards to movie theaters because there just hasn't been a movie (since Bad Moms) that I have wanted to see. I think I might drag Joel to see Fifty Shades of Gray 2 when it comes out next week.

::: When we moved into the house, my number one priority was to just get the boxes OUT. While I was successful at that, and the house looks pretty put together, the insides of the house are just not. I don't like the way anything is organized - especially the kitchen - but I don't know what formula to follow. I went from having 4 cabinets and ZERO drawers, to like 40 cabinets and 14 drawers, and I don't know what to do with them all. There's lots of empty space and the spice cabinet makes me break into hives every time I open it. Is there an article on how to set up a nice kitchen? What are your tips? 

::: Everyone has scratched their head when we tell them that we moved from LA to Chicago, since most of the time its typically the opposite, but as far as weather is concerned, we have been seriously spoiled. It's been warm, nice, and easy since we moved here! In fact, a few days it's been warmer than California!  I'm actually a little bummed, and I'm hoping we get at least one or two snows before spring decides to arrive for good.

::: I am not typically a huge online shopper, but with needing lots of house stuff, I've done my fair share. I have to say, Joss & Main has impressed me ten fold. Not only has their stuff shipped quickly, but it's all exceeded my expectations as far as quality is concerned and been somewhat "easy" to assemble. Since it's a sight that prices can change pretty quickly, I noticed that our headboard's price had changed by $75 dollars overnight - I sent them an email and they refunded me the difference!

I have about twenty more random thoughts, but it's time to turn in! Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. I think it's the age with Leo, it got so tough with Matthew around 18 months I couldn't even leave him with Kyle :( Miller never ever went through that so it was tough for us. As I said he grew out of it right before two but it was tough. It will get better! So jealous you're seeing Hamilton this weekend!! You have to let us know how it is, and enjoy your girls night. I think your best best for the kitchen is to go drawer by drawer and reorganize or move what you want before you've lived there too long and just don't feel like it. It will make you feel better.

  2. Ohhh...I know this same little "phase"...it will get better. Trey was like this for a good month and now he doesn't mind if my husband or another person holds him while I'm around...though really, he just wants to run around anyway so he barely lets anyone hold him these days. :) I am JUST finishing up Trey's baby book this week too!! I am determined to finish it before moving into our new house because I know I'll be consumed with house stuff and it will get pushed even lower on my list. I bet yours will be so nice -- you did such a great job documenting! Ugg boots (I have the same ones you described)..I agree, they are sort of ugly...but then again, they're just so darn comfortable and you're right -- with leggings and a cute sweater, I don't think they're that bad! I live in mine!!! As far as organizing your kitchen (I am already prepping to do ours)...this is totally random, but I found some great baskets at Walmart.com of all places (totally random find) -- they're white wire, but they don't have sloped sides so they hold more stuff than others...I bought two sets of 6 (they're like $10 online!) and I'm going to use them for organization in our pantry...ALSO the spice cabinet thing -- get a few of those lazy susan rounds that you can sit in the cabinets. I always think those are so easy to use/organize and when you're searching for a spice, it's easier to just spin them around to find what you need. OR my mom has this great drawer organizer that lets her house all of her spices laid down at a slight angle...also very neat and organized! OK...totally jumbled responses/comments. :) Happy Wednesday!!!

  3. Love all of your random thoughts. Good to know about Joss and Main. And maybe go to the Container Store to get ideas on organizing your kitchen?

  4. I recently got these organizers that stick to the inside of the door that holds spices. I also have the mini lazy Susan's for any remaining spices or food colorings, vanillas, etc.

  5. You should watch la la land. Great movie and my two year old loves hearing the soundtrack around the house.

  6. I am in a similar boat with our kitchen. It is overwhelming to have so much space all of the sudden! SC has also been super clingy, and I know it hurts my husband's feelings when she is crying at the door while I'm trying to take a shower! We haven't figured out a solution yet, but it sometimes gets better and it is a phase that won't last forever! Also, congrats on going back to work; it sounds like the perfect situation!

  7. Re: the kitchen and where does stuff go? We have "moved in" to several rooms in our house a number of times. We put stuff where it made sense at first and then revised if it didn't work. Still, we have all of our Tupperware in the cabinet ABOVE the microwave... it's SO STUPID. But there's ... not any other place to put them right now, so they stay. But it's dumb. You'll find what works.

    Re: spice cabinet? Lazy Susan. I have one and put all of the rarely used spices in the middle and then because I'm a LUNATIC I alphabetized them around the outside rim. It sounds OCD and it is, but it's actually super nice to have them exactly where you'd think they should be.

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