Random Ramblings

::: Leo's been on again, off again sick for like the last week or so. Every time I thought he was totally out of the woods, a new symptom would walk right in. The last two days he's had a fever, and despite him being tough as nails, it absolutely breaks my heart. I get really anxious with health and sickness, so it always physically and mentally exhausts me when the troops go down.

::: Thankfully the weather and sun have been on my side. We've been able to get outside and enjoy fresh air and a little vitamin D and I am SO thankful for that. Who would have thought that LA would have one of their worst winters on the books, and Chicago would have had one of their best the year we moved.

::: I swear I am in TJ.Maxx at least once a week, but I could sustain life with that store only. This week's hauls included a shopping cart for Leo (for under ten dollars) and my new favorite gift to give anyone that moves into a new home.

I went to visit my cousin Ryan who moved a few months back and included a little card with all of these goodies that said the following (in case you want to borrow this idea, because its adorable, easy, and a crowd pleaser). 

Bread - so you never go hungry
Salt - so you may always have flavor
Cookies - so you always enjoy the sweetness
Candle - so you always have light
Wine - so that joy and prosperity may reign forever
::: I'm pretty much back to cooking 5 days a week which feels nice after a long hiatus in the kitchen. Our routine is going to get a MAJOR shakeup next week when I start working again, but I'm hoping that I can tap into some legit magic powers and keep everything afloat despite some of my time being taken up.


::: The street we live on is decently busy, so I think I'm going to borrow my sister-in-laws idea and get a driveway fence. Have you guys seen these? They were new to me when she brought it out last summer, but I think its genius and will give us a lot of comfort when we play outside. that is, when we get around to doing a majorrrrr garage cleaning

Image result for retractable driveway gate

::: It's funny, before we moved into our house, I could spend hours on Pintrest browsing beautifully decorated home and looking for inspiration and ideas, but now, I'm trying to avoid it a little. It sort of feels like a giant reminder of how much we  "need*" to do.

::: We just booked our tickets for our first trip back to LA. We have a dear friend (Ami) who is getting married, and so we are making a weekend of it. We're going to stay with friends in LA on Friday and Saturday, and then drive down to San Diego on Sunday to meet my newest niece before flying back home early Monday morning.

::: Even though my job will be based from the house, I'll be downtown training all next week. Instead of commuting each day into the city, I'm staying downtown one night to break it up a little. I'm so excited to have a day in my old life. To dress up, work in an office building in downtown Chicago, meet girlfriends for happy hour, and go out to dinner, not run a bedtime routine for a toddler!....I didn't soak up that fun enough when I had it!

marie courroy.:


  1. Can't wait for you to come to LA! Next time I see you I will be getting MARRIED! Oh em gee!

  2. Um driveway fence!!!! Why has no one ever told me this thing exists?!?!??? Hope Leo is better! He is just too cute!

  3. Driveway fence looks like a HUGE help! I love that it's a bright color too - probably will signal to motorists that there are kids playing behind it!

    I went back to my house related pinterest boards recently... LOL. When I win the lottery, maybe!