Weekend Report

This weekend was probably the first glimpse of our new "normal" weekends.

On Friday, I took Leo to the gym's kidz zone. If you follow me on snapchat (tshields622), you probably know that it hasn't been the easiest transition for either one of us! Leo goes nuts when I leave him, has been calming down and playing while he is in there, but then when I come to get him after my workout, he takes one look at me and bursts into tears. He stays ticked off for a while! 

Even though it is making me a little anxious, I know without a doubt that this is SO important for both Leo and I, so we're going 3-4 times a week and in due time it will feel comfortable for both of us.

Friday morning, we met new neighbors for a coffee and donuts play date, and then at 11, our cousins came to spend the day with us. Jack and Ella are absolutely obsessed with "baby Leo", and Leo feels the exact same way. Watching them play and interact is not only heart melting, but hilarious. 

That night, Joel got home a little late, so Leo and I had a little Friday night date with a romantic sit down dinner and a bubble bath! 

Saturday morning we spent most of the day checking off a few more "to-do" boxes; blinds, hanging pictures, etc. I also made these cookies for our neighbors and then walked them to a few houses on our street. 

We were able to meet one really great set of neighbors, but then just dropped boxes with notes for those that didn't answer. Even though we felt a little awkward ringing people's doorbells, I felt like it was a really important, neighborly thing to do.

Joel's parents offered to babysit on Saturday night sort of last minute, and since we will likely never turn down free babysitters, we hit the road. We went to get a beer and play boggle at Crystal Lake Brewery and then stopped at The Cottage for a burger. My parents were at a dinner party with friends, so we popped in there to say hi, and we were home at 9! 

Sunday morning we hit up the gym again (same story), and then got home and cleaned our whole house. We had planned on just having my in-laws over for the superbowl, but my parents plans fell through so they decided to come, and then my sisters decided to come out from the city and spend the night. We ended up with quite the party. We played Left Right Center before the game while Leo was napping which was a blast, and then just hung out, ate and drank, and hung around.

It was a total blast, and was the exact reason we decided to move out here.

We had a blast, but had a few busts too. I was hellbent on waning to have our first fire, so we put the logs in and smoked out the entire house in about 45 seconds. So we'll having to figure that on out soon.

And, literally as there were 14 seconds left in the game and we weren't sure of how it was going to end.....Uverse cut out. 

We got the game back on as Tom Brady was kissing the floor, but that was some pretty shitty timing! 

They're on my call list for today. 

It was a jam packed, fun, food and family filled weekend and one that felt like vacation, but is actually now reality. 


  1. Ahhhh this is so fun that you all can be together whenever you want now!!! Also, Ms. Becky told me that any new thing takes 30 days to become normal. So give yourself some time on the gym thing. I bet it'll be better sooner rather than later!

  2. same Yay for living close to family! We have the same issue at the church nursery. You are right though, it is so important for both of you!

  3. Leo's age is really tough with attachment issues! Camden started daycare around 15 months (part time) and it was so tough for both of us! He would cry every time I dropped him off and picked him up :( But, it does get easier and eventually he stopped crying! Your house is looking so great! I'd love for you to post updates on your decor, etc! Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend (besides the cable cutting out)!!

  4. Agree with everything Lindsay said about about attachment issues at this age. Matthew used to cry and cry and cry whenever I left him with anyone, even my parents up until about a month before he turned 2 and now he's totally fine. It will get better! Having family close is the best! I'm so happy you all can spend so much time together now and free babysitters is even better!