Five on Friday

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I'm on a major book kick but wanted to share that the last one I read was a pretty big bust. I mentioned on snapchat (tshields622), but you can 100% skip this.

The Young Wives Club: A Novel
I've just started to read the below book, and I'm hoping it picks up. It's a little slow to start, but reads very similarly to a lot of Sophie Kinsella's other books so I'm going to try and get through it. 

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My sweet friend Ami had read that I totally butchered making my own wasabi soy dressing and was really missing my favorite type (that you can only get in California) and sent me a bottle as a surprise. Seriously the cutest little gesture, and of course I had to make a steak salad right away, and the dressing is even better than I remember! Thanks Ami for being such a sweet and thoughtful friend. 
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We are going to start swim lessons this summer, but Leo won't be anywhere close to a capable swimmer this summer, so I'm trying to figure out what the best options are for him. Do you have a favorite? My mom found me this one (but with short sleeves), and I like that it offers sun protection and seems pretty easy to put on, but wanted to see if I'm missing out on must-have's.

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This was a dinner I "cooked" up last week, and it was so good and so easy, and I'm know this isn't novel, BUT.....I figured I'd share. Literally all you need are chicken drumsticks and this, from Trader Joes. 

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I used about 3/4's of the bottle for two packages of drumsticks and cooked on low for about 6 hours. Served with an Asain salad mix and enjoy this 2 minute, delish dinner!

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We have an insanely packed weekend. My best friend from LA, Shelby just got into town last weekend, we are celebrating my dad's 60th birthday tonight, heading downtown tomorrow for our annual girls "trip", and then on Sunday, hosting Mother's Day Brunch and our dear friends from LA are in town to spend the night with us on Sunday night. 

I know I will be paying for this weekend all of next week, so the chances that I have a recap up by Monday are very, very small, but I'm going to soak in all the fun and see you when I come up to breathe!  


  1. Super sweet of Ami! You guys always have the most fun weekends!

  2. Check out puddle jumpers for Leo! They are coast guard approved so good for boats or the pool

    I just added that Sophie Kinsella book to my list!

  3. I second the puddle jumper. Have tried all the others and until they can graduate to just water wings, or nothing, this is perfect. Not as restricting as regular life jackets.

  4. So glad you loved the dressing! Xoxo