minor upgrade, major benefit

a few weeks ago...I showed you how our kitchen had progressed (here). We had the back splash installed, and just like with all house projects, it made the cabinet hardware just beg to get switched out.


A reader (thanks Rita!) actually suggested to check on Amazon for pulls, and wouldn't you know it, each pull was about 25% cheaper than almost the exact same one at Home Depot. 

I ordered these since they matched the screw length on our cabinets (3")

Franklin Brass P29521K-SI-B Soft Iron 3-Inch Lombard Kitchen or Furniture Cabinet Hardware Drawer Handle Pull, 10 pack

I was able to switch out all of the pulls in one afternoon, and while it doesn't seem like the biggest update in the world, it is SO much better than what we were working with. And for a $100 upgrade, it pulled our entire kitchen together. 


It also really made me consider the fact that all of our gold, "fancy" handles on our doors need to get switched up too. I think bronze, round knobs will really make a big difference, so that's a project I'd like to complete by the end of the year.

Image result for bronze door knobs

One thing at a time!


  1. GOOD to know on Home Depot! You're right - this totally pulled your new kitchen together!!

    1. I meant AMAZON! Losing my mind this AM...!

  2. Don't forget that when you switch out the door handles, you'll need to switch the door hinges too (which gets $$$$$) so when we switched everything out in our first rental, we spray painted the hinges! The knobs will get more use, so you need to buy those, but painting the hinges saved us tons!

  3. So happy that worked for you - and it really looks great!