Weekend Recap

I'm pretty sure it rained 99% of the entire weekend.....we've been spoiled as far as weather goes, but the multiple dreary, rainy, gross days are my absolute least favorite.

We decided to head into the city to hang with my cousin Liz and her kids Jack and Ella for a play date on Friday.

I tried to time Leo's nap for our hour ride home, but he really only slept for 25 minutes, so it kind of blew up in my face. Thankfully Joel was home early, so we ended up going to make a few returns at Nordstrom Rack before heading home for a really low key Friday night. 

Saturday morning I went to the gym, Leo hung with my parents while I worked out, and Joel and his dad laid fresh mulch outside until they got rained out.

Most of the day was spent doing crafts, running laps in the basement, and reading about 350 books. 

His parents stayed for dinners at our family friends/realtors came to see our house. They were really impressed with what we had done with it and gave us a few tips on what to do next (screened in porch vs. patio.......major plan changer!). We picked up Thai food, watched baseball, and went to bed before 10.

I think the gray rain brings out the lame in all of us.

Sunday was my sister Hannah's 27th birthday! 

My mom and I met my sisters downtown and my mom surprised Hannah with tickets to see the Broadway musical Aladdin.

Hannah was obsessed with the movie as a kid, so after brunch at 312 (a decent restaurant next to the theater) we went and saw the show.


It was actually a really fun, well done play, and it was a fun way to spend a gross Sunday celebrating my sweet, successful, and generous sister.

My mom and I were back home in the suburbs by 5pm which was perfect so I could spend a little time with Leo. It seriously is the truth that you spend all day waiting for your babies nap time, and then you miss them while they're asleep.

We have a pretty low key week - I'm going to try and cook healthy dinners at home all week long - since we're planning to splurge all weekend for my birthday! 

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  1. That's sweet yall did that for your sister! You're right on the naps - you wait all day then want to go wake them up and play! Happy healthy meal week - can't wait to see what you make!

  2. We had a similar naptime car fail this weekend too. It always seems like such a great idea, but just ends up not working sometimes! Rainy days aren't too much fun, but what a fun birthday celebration for your sister!