Five on Friday

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If you are in Chicago, or you come to visit, I would highly recommend you try and fit in a food tour. This past weekend, my two girlfriends and I went on one in Bucktown and it was honestly so much fun. We used the company Chicago Food Planet and had a great experience. Our tour was from 12-3pm, and during that time we stopped at 5 awesome restaurants in the area (Jay's Beef, Sultan Market, Stan's Donuts, Piece Pizza, and Hot Chocolate) and also walk through the neighborhoods and local parks to learn a little history about the houses and neighborhoods. It was a really fun way to spend the afternoon and we were damn near stuffed from it.  

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 And while I'm at it....Another great night in chicago tip? Dinner at Adobo followed by a comedy show at Zanies.Couldn't have asked for a better night with two of my best friends. 

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I mentioned yesterday that Leo got me an essential oil diffuser from Mother's Day. I have been wanting one for month's now, but I'm having a little issue with it. Our main living area is pretty big, and most of it is two stories. That's where I want the diffuser to hang out, but I feel like the room is too big, I can't even smell the oil unless I'm next to the little machine. Any tricks? I may just end up moving it to the kitchen but thought I'd check here first. 
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We had our first beach day of the season this week and even though it was beautiful and fun....it for sure is not relaxing (or clean). Leo was not a fan of the sand or the water...so that was a curveball I wasn't expecting. He did like digging in the sand, if he was sitting on the blanket, but we're going to have to make a few more trips there so he can get used to it. I laughed at myself that I brought an US Weekly with. Rookie Mistake. 
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No big plans this weekend and we are keeping it that way. It seems like we have had crazy weekend after crazy weekend so I'm hoping to spend a lot of time at home, some time planting (who am I??), and just spending time with Joel and Leo. 
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  1. A US weekly - you're funny! Happy low key weekend to yall!

  2. Hi. I use Young Living Oils and you'd probably need like 2-3 diffusers of that size for that type of space. Probably better off with placing that one you have in a smaller room as it looks designed for a bedroom. I have a Home Diffuser from YLO and that covers avaerage bedroom size of 215 sq ft which looks to be about your size diffuser in your photo. I checked their charts and the diffuser called Therapro (feel free to google) is an atomizer diffuser that covers up to 700 sq. ft so that might be something more you're looking for in regards to the space you want to diffuse in. The Dewdrop is my favorite and that covers 323 sq ft. Hope that helps. Love my oils.

  3. I'm loving that blanket you have spread out at the beach! Is it made specifically for outdoor use? I'm on the hunt for one that I can spread on the grass that's soft but sturdy enough to stand up to spills, dirt, etc.

  4. I think Leo will warm up to the beach soon; maybe he just doesn't know what to make of it all?! Your night out with your girlfriend's sounds divine!

  5. I'm with Leo.... the beach is just dirt and dirty water :X