Mother's Day Recap

I decided on my birthday last week to take Leo to Color Me Mine to do some Mother's Day crafts for Leo's Grandma's and Great Grandma.

What I learned about Color Me Mine with a one and a half year old, is that it's not something you want to do solo. Thankfully my cousin Gia came to help assist, and without her, we would have probably walked right out the door.

Thanks to Gia, I got to enjoy the entire process, and Leo had a lot of fun doing it. We lasted for about 40 minutes and he really liked playing with the paint and paint brushes, and didn't entirely hate getting his hands painted either.

We made coasters for my mom, a vase for Joel's mom, and a little trivet for my Grandma. They were all ready before Sunday and made for darling Mother's Day Gifts.

The Saturday before Mother's Day, I had spent the entire day (and night), downtown with two of my girlfriends. We've made it an annual tradition to try and get away around this time (last year was Mexico) and I always think a little time away makes you return so much more refreshed. 

We left the city really early Sunday morning, and when we got home, Joel had a bunch of gifts on the table along with a huge brunch ready to roll for me and my family.

For Mother's Day, Leo got me a helmet for our new bike and trailer and an oil diffuser and essential oils. 

Around 11:30 my family came over, we had mimosas and brunch (blueberry french toast overnight bake, an egg and sausage casserole, bagels and lox, fruit and donuts!), opened a few presents and just enjoyed each other's company.


I am so thankful to have my mom and my Kuka in my life, and even more thankful that Leo has them too. They've truly taught me how to be a mom and they're both role models to me every single day. 


I ended up sneaking away after brunch (which Joel not only cooked but cleaned every last thing....he's good.) to take a much needed nap right when Leo went down too. 

After nap we decided to break out the new bike trailer and hit the road for a little family bike ride.


It took Leo a little time to get used to the helmet, but once we started moving he was happy as clam. I have a feeling we will be riding all summer long.

Sunday night our friends from LA were in Chicago and were able to spend the night with us. I am so mad we didn't take one picture, but we had a blast having them, ordered pizza, let our kids play together, and after like one glass of wine, everyone went up to bed before 10pm. We're getting old.

It was a pretty packed day, but felt relaxing and indulgent all at the same time. Joel and Leo were good to me, and I am so, so, so thankful that I get to be a mom.


  1. What a spectacular Mother's Day! Also, kudos to Joel for doing such an amazing job. Yay for a celebration of motherhood; it is such an honor (even though it definitely isn't always glamorous or easy)!