Weekend Recap

This grocery shopping thing online is literally my new favorite thing. 

Drew takes a little cat nap around 5pm, so on Friday, I put a show on for Leo, poured myself a glass of wine, and then spent a glorious 30 minutes clicking items to my cart and then picking the delivery time for them to arrive on Saturday. It's a damn near dream come true! 


I've been cooking a lot lately - pretty much 5 times a week - so come Friday, I'm happy to put my pizza order into Lou Malnatis. Once we had the kids down, I made a martini and we watched the finale of Top Chef. So excited to see Chicago represent - and to a restaurant both Joel and I have been to and really enjoyed. 

Saturday morning I had to be up and out really so that I could get my cars emission test - and since I was out, I snuck into Target and ran to the post office. We had another great weather weekend so I got in a 3 mile run both Saturday and Sunday mornings. 

The rest of the day we hammered out some things around the house and then after naps, went to Crystal Lake Brewing. It was the anniversary of my Aunt Peggy's passing, so it was important to be there with my uncle and parents, and we raised a glass to her even though there really isn't a day that she isn't thought of, talked of, remembered and missed. 

Joel's parents came and then joined us for dinner. I tried out this recipe, and it was a major pass. It's way too salty and just didn't really taste as good as I thought it would.

CROCK POT BUFFALO-RANCH SHREDDED CHICKEN SANDWICHES | Only 3 Ingredients to make the chicken!! These sandwiches are kickin' with flavor and a cinch to make. Great for wraps and salads too!! | SweetLittleBluebird.com

Sunday I snuck in another run and then we headed to our neighbors for bagels and mimosas. 

With the time change, my run, and the mimosas, when we got home, both kids took a nap - and so did I! It was glorious.

Sunday night we try to have dinner with my parents, so we headed over there, my dad cooked an amazing dinner, and we hung on the couch once we got home and got started on our March Madness brackets. 

And now, here we are, somehow - almost to St. Patty's. These weeks are just flying by for us!


  1. I miss Lou’s! I’m so glad I can order frozen pizza. Not quite the same, but a little taste of home!

  2. Good grief overachiever! You go girl! Running, cooking 5 times a week, nap, doing it all with two children. I hear ya sista!!!

  3. I’m with Classic Annie! You are killing it! You go mama!