Valentine's Day

Joel and I decided way back in December that we wouldn't exchange any gifts for Valentine's day but instead spend the night at famed restaurant Table 52.

Since Joel dinner was going to be Joel's treat, I wanted to find something special to give to him. Since we both love wine, I thought a private tasting at our favorite wine shop would be the perfect present.

We have become good friends with Que Syrah owner Don, and he set up this amazing little feast just for the two of us
Joel was really surprised and appreciative and couldn't believe I pulled one over on him.We ended up opening a bottle of pressco and a big red as well.

my handsome date
We spent the first 2 hours of our date sharing wine and cheese, chatting with Don, and enjoying the special-ness of Valentine's Day.

My mom was in town during the morning and treated me to a little shopping spree at Anthropologie. I love this dress (and belt) - it was super comfortable too. Gotta love when momma comes to visit!

Then, we headed to Art Smith's Table 52. Which was such an experience.

The ambiance alone stands far above most restaurants in Chicago. It's a very fancy restaurant, however, right upon entering you feel like you are dining in someone's home. It's chic but incredibly comfortable - lots of classy, Southern touches.

Joel had 2 glasses of bubbly waiting for us when we walked in.

As we sat down at our table our waiter brought out their famous dinner rolls (which I cannot even begin to describe, you really just have to try them) and the best deviled eggs I've ever had in my life.

For dinner, I ordered a crusted halibut and Joel ordered the cat fish. Both were phenomenal.

As a side we got truffle mac & cheese - which literally - is to die for.
Last meal on earth kind of good.

It was an absolutley amazing night.


  1. Does sound like the perfect night and totally puts me in the mood for mac and cheese:)

  2. I haven't been there but it looks amazing!! Such a cute thing you did for him with the wine tasting. I may have to borrow that idea someday!