Man, I cannot keep up with the lifestyles of a college kid!

I'm sitting here, after an amazing weekend, in my bath robe, watching the Oscar's, thanking my lucky stars that college was only 4 years long.

Friday night Sara and I took the 4 long drive to Iowa just in time for Taco Pizza and a few beers with my favorite pair of twins.

Saturday morning the 4 of us headed into Iowa City and were reunited with our girls Lauren and Jamie. We had our favorite pizza, did some shopping, and watched Sex and the City 2 - prefect day!

All of us had been looking forward to our favorite sushi spot, Formosa. It did not disappoint. I had my all-time favorite Key Lime martini, 2 sushi rolls, and about 4 saki bombs. We bar hopped to all of our favorite spots and even stayed out until bar close.
Then, this morning, we shot out of bed and headed back to reality. It was a really great weekend catching up with all of my "roommates" but I had an amazing realization that I am so happy in where my life is right now. As I drove home, I was happy and okay with what I was leaving behind.

Happy Oscar night, ladies! Enjoy "our" Superbowl!

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