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I am loving the Blizzard of 2011! Holy cow was it a storm!

I am loving that I got to work from home today!

I am loving that Joel was home too, because working from home can be really quiet.

I am loving my new boots

I am loving that I got to Skype with Hannie last night for the first time since she left for Spain! It was so nice to see her pretty face and Spain makes her look even more beautiful - which is what I think happens when you're truly happy.

...and I am loving that she's happy.

I am loving that we opened our best bottle of wine (finally) at home, on a Tuesday, in our pajamas. Joel was given this wine as a gift for Christmas '09, and finally decided to open the baby last night. He had been waiting for a perfect night, and I loved his choice.

I am loving that this is what we did while we were all holed up inside. We drank great wine. We caught up with Saray and we played a really fun board game all while 4 inches of snow was being dumped on us every hour. Pretty much my ideal night.
I wish blizzards came by a little more often!
I am loving that this has been a very easy week and would really love another day home from work....but if it doesn't happen, that's okay too.

Hope you are loving your week.


  1. love that you drank great wine while holed up in a snow storm, Thats what I would do too! Can't figure out how to email you back but I found my dress online at Neiman Marcus on sale, its a Tibi dress. I really love it and hope I will wear it lots!! stay warm!

  2. Natalie, thanks for getting back to me about your dress. I'm lusting over it for Valentine's day. It may have to be my v-day present to myself. It looked so great in all of your pictures so I'll keep you updated if I find it!

  3. You are loving some great things :) Wow thats a lot of snow :)

  4. Oh-la-la...I'm loving your boots too!!

  5. Aw I love that you guys opened up your best bottle on a Tuesday in your pajamas. You're my kind of girl : )